Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zero And Still Counting

Have you ever had one of those times in your day... week... year.. life, when you've had big plans & were all gung-ho and then when it came right down to it, you lacked motivation?  *Ahem*  Yeah, well that's me right now.  There are all these things that I've wanted to accomplish this summer & I haven't had the motivation to do them.

I'm beginning to think that something is wrong with me.  I could blame it on the heat, which has been horrid.  I could blame it on being too busy, which I am, sort of.  I could say 'I'm lazy', but I know I'm not.  I could say I've had tons of appointments, I have, but not that many.  I could blame it on a myriad of other things too.  Blaming isn't getting anything done.

I just read a book called "10 Simple Solutions To Adult ADD".  I was thinking it'd give me some great pointers for dealing with King T and the Lego King.  Guess what?  I think I have ADD/ADHD!!  No, really!  I was reading through that book & I'm thinking 'wow, I do that and that and that AND THAT!!'  There are so many things that were in that book that just explained me!  It gave a bunch of tips to help people deal with stuff.  Things that I do already to remember things, get things ready for myself.  It explained why I do some of the things I do, why I think the way I think.  Very interesting.  I told King Turd that we both have ADD at least and that I think he has ADHD.  It was just strange to pick up that book & see so much of myself in it.  Weird!

I was wondering if I should ask my doctor for some ADD/ADHD meds.  Maybe that would help keep me focused.  Then again, is focus the problem or lack of motivation?  Is there a difference?  Guess I'll have to Google it.  So, anyhoot.  Tomorrow starts a brand new day, a new week - a cooler week says the weatherman.  Maybe I can get some things accomplished.

Other reasoning as to why I haven't accomplished anything is that King T will be having his gastric bypass surgery on August 1st.  Maybe I'm waiting to get things done while he's here at home.  I'm afraid if I'm not keeping myself busy, he'll be driving me nuts at the end of 4 weeks & I will be begging to go back to school - even to Structured Studies!!

How motivated and focused have you been this summer?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

 PS.    Please continue to pray for Adam & his family.  They haven't found him yet, nor has anyone heard from him at all.  The longer the time, the colder the trail.  Someone knows something.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I think you all know by now that I live in a rural community.  The surrounding towns have an average of 3,000 people living in & around them.  I'm not totally in the boondocks, but pretty close.  We do have 'big cities' nearby with populations closer to 13,000 people (yeah, we're hoppin').  Anyhow, when something happens in our little communities it tends to hit everyone, as everybody knows everyone or is related to them somehow.  Even 'shirt-tail' relations count around here.  A month ago, the Thursday before Father's Day, a young man in his 30's went missing.  He hasn't been heard from since.  Foul play is suspected.  This week, the local Sheriff's Office will be conducting a dog search in the surrounding area around his home & where he hunts.

How does this affect me?  Well, his dad was the best man & his mom was a bridesmaid in my first wedding.  I can't imagine how they're feeling, if I am feeling lost myself.  I still consider them 'family' as Bigfoot & the Princess are cousins on their dad's side.  The Princess has spent many a hot summer day with their youngest daughter - they're the same age - in their pool & riding bikes & hanging out.  We still speak when we see each other & give one another hugs.  However, we don't ever really search each other out or call on the phone to chit-chat.  Sometimes, I don't think about them at all; like you do with friends who are no longer close acquaintances.

There is this big, heavy weight on my shoulders to call or stop in.  The thing is, is that it would be out of the ordinary for me to do that.  It's not something that we would have done normally throughout the years, so I feel as if I'd be like a nosy neighbor.  "Oh Hi!  I just heard you had something devastating happen in your life.  Thought I'd stop by & let you know it's affected me too"  How callus... shallow...

What I can do, and I have been doing is pray.  Praying without ceasing.  Whenever I think about this young man or his family.   I send up prayers for his mom & dad, his sisters, his children (he has 2 young children), his grandmother & aunt.  I send up prayers for the Sheriff's Department - that they'll have a clear lead.  That they'll find him.  That if there was foul play, that the person(s) will be caught.  I pray for strength for the future, in case his mom & dad have to raise his 2 children.  Pray, pray, pray.... that's all I can do when I feel lost...

Please join me in prayer for Adam & his family.  Thank you.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Schedule? What Schedule?

One of the big things that I've been rolling around in my brain since summer break started was how am I going to get all the stuff done that I want to get done?  Isn't that just about everyone's summer vacation to-do list?  The only way I can think to get stuff done is to have a schedule of some sort.  I know I MUST do this, as King T will require a bunch of time come the first week in August (recovery after surgery).  I also know that he'll be bored stiff & will want to be entertained like a small child.  I on the other hand don't want to spend every waking moment doting on him, he'll have to get up and move in order to feel better & to heal properly.

This morning, while I was taking my shower, (all my good ideas come in the shower - it's the only place I have totally to myself) I came up with a couple of pretty good ideas.  The first one was to schedule a daily time for each task.  Similar to classes at school.  A bell rings & you change classes.  This would work well, if every day was the same at my house.  But it's not.  With the Princess working this summer at all different hours and the Lego King going to the mini-classes at school and King T being home every other day during the week, I figured that it would get interrupted to many times for it to stick.

So, on to the next brilliant idea!  I could do something similar to the above breakdown, but schedule in 1/2 hour increments instead.  Like when you have a big job & you work on it for so many minutes at a time.  That way, if I needed to run an errand with/for King T, pick up the Princess, take the Lego King to class I can take a break out of what I'm doing.  I figured if I went to each room & listed down what needed to be done, then I assigned a certain number of 1/2 hour increments to it in order to get it done then I would have some sort of 'schedule'.  This way I can also have an excuse tell someone that I'm busy & will be with them when I'm done.  I'm hoping this works anyhow.

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