Sunday, July 1, 2012

Schedule? What Schedule?

One of the big things that I've been rolling around in my brain since summer break started was how am I going to get all the stuff done that I want to get done?  Isn't that just about everyone's summer vacation to-do list?  The only way I can think to get stuff done is to have a schedule of some sort.  I know I MUST do this, as King T will require a bunch of time come the first week in August (recovery after surgery).  I also know that he'll be bored stiff & will want to be entertained like a small child.  I on the other hand don't want to spend every waking moment doting on him, he'll have to get up and move in order to feel better & to heal properly.

This morning, while I was taking my shower, (all my good ideas come in the shower - it's the only place I have totally to myself) I came up with a couple of pretty good ideas.  The first one was to schedule a daily time for each task.  Similar to classes at school.  A bell rings & you change classes.  This would work well, if every day was the same at my house.  But it's not.  With the Princess working this summer at all different hours and the Lego King going to the mini-classes at school and King T being home every other day during the week, I figured that it would get interrupted to many times for it to stick.

So, on to the next brilliant idea!  I could do something similar to the above breakdown, but schedule in 1/2 hour increments instead.  Like when you have a big job & you work on it for so many minutes at a time.  That way, if I needed to run an errand with/for King T, pick up the Princess, take the Lego King to class I can take a break out of what I'm doing.  I figured if I went to each room & listed down what needed to be done, then I assigned a certain number of 1/2 hour increments to it in order to get it done then I would have some sort of 'schedule'.  This way I can also have an excuse tell someone that I'm busy & will be with them when I'm done.  I'm hoping this works anyhow.

A few things that I want to accomplish this summer are:

1.   BATHROOM.  I have wainscoting* to go around the bottom of the walls, and a border* to go above that.  I need to paint (walls & ceiling).  I need to replace the sink top.  I have the paint* for the wainscoting & the faucet* for the sink.  I need to get a chair rail for above the wainscoting.

2.  MASTER BEDROOM:  I would like to paint (walls & ceiling) & paper* the walls (1/2 way up).  I need to get a chair rail for above the paper.  I have new curtains* & curtain rods*.  I do need to get better window darkening shades for King T, as he sleeps during the day (he works nights)  Maybe getting window covering/shade stuff at JoAnn Fabrics & make my own that will velcro right to the windows.

3.  CRAFT ROOM:  I would really LOVE to use it as a craft room instead of just a storage room for my crafts.  I figure if I give myself permission to use a 1/2 hour increment a day to work up there I will feel like I've given myself a treat and taken time for myself.

4.  JAM ROOM (aka backroom/pantry):  It needs to be reorganized... again.  I have tons of organizing wire thingys but just haven't put aside the time to work on it.

5.  KIDS ROOMS:  I told them that I would give them 1/2 hour of my time, as many days as they need/want me to help them organize their rooms.

6.  OUTDOORS:  I've really tried hard this year to clean out the flower beds & make them look nice.  I've gotten mulch & added stone borders to some (not sure if I want to do that to all or not) to match the stone we put around the pool.

7.  MISC. ORGANIZING:  I want to organize, declutter & donate a bunch of stuff in my kitchen.  I also have a bunch of stuff in my main hallway that needs to be taken care of - organized, decluttered & donated.  The upstairs bookshelf can be looked at again to pare down some of the books.

That's about it.  It almost looks overwhelming, but I know it's not 'arms & legs' if it doesn't get done.  Once I start #1 or #2, I would really like to totally finish them before the end of the summer.

What is your summer schedule like?  Do you have one?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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