Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just call me the Wicked Witch!

Just call me the Wicked Witch because 'I'm melting, melting, melt.......'  Good grief 95 degrees in our lil' ol' town!  And of course our Middle School does not have air conditioning on the 2nd floor.  *sigh*  By the end of the day, I was stupid... the heat had turned my brain to mush... and the students too.  Although, the last class of the day wasn't too bad... I think they were all rung out from the heat too.  Then, by the end of the week it's not supposed to get past 70!  Go figure!

Just trying to stay cool.  Hope you have some relief too.  T-storms are predicted tonight - hopefully they'll cool it off some.

Off to see if I can find the Wizard of Oz DVD or some other fantasy thing to watch... (seriously - we're studying fantasy, fables & fairy tales at school & that's what the kids wanted to watch... lol)

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

This year we're enjoying the start of picnic & camping season today with family & friends.  I can't wait.  But first I want to thank all of those who've made it possible.... The men & women who have served in our military!  Thank you!!!

Thank you to my brother, Jim; my step-brother, Jamie; my Uncle Joe; my cousin, Kim; my Uncle Jerry; and soon to enter the Navy my cousin, Bruce. 

Thank you for all that you do to keep our country safe here at home & across the waters.  God Bless you & love you guys!

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't you have a 'Jam Room'?

Just spent the better part of the morning & afternoon cleaning up the 'Jam Room'.... What's a 'Jam Room' you ask?  Why, I'll tell you what a 'Jam Room' is, thanks for asking!  You probably have one - or at least a closet, cupboard or drawer that you do the same thing to.  It's a room you jam everything into!  Over the winter we'd been shoving things in there - wherever they'd fit and it had gotten really out of control.

About a week ago I finally got to the very bottom of the laundry.  You know, the stuff that you shove off to the side to get the more important - stuff you need daily - done.  And I started washing winter coats & snow pants, etc. to either store for next year or get rid of.  Well, there is an old metal wardrobe in the 'Jam Room' where we store outside winter clothing, but because of all the crap in front it I couldn't put the clean coats away.  Hence, the hoeing out today.

When I got into the wardrobe, I found MORE coats that haven't been worn for at least a year.  So I dumped those out on the floor, & put the clean coats in.  I have some super-cheap clear garbage bags that put over the top of them.  So my family knows that if it has a garbage bag on it that it's been laundered.  All but 3 items in the pile of 3 vests, 3 jackets, 4 coats & 1 raincoat were King Turd's.  The Princess kept her coat (for when her adopted sisters come in the winter) and I got rid of 1 jacket & my raincoat.  I consulted the King (as I won't get rid of his crap stuff unless he says ok - this purging/decluttering journey is mine) and he was able to part with 2 of the jackets and 1 vest.  The rest went back into the wardrobe..... not as much as I had hoped, but at least it's a start.

Enough dawdling, time to get back to work.... maybe I can get a few more things accomplished today!

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drivel & Twaddle

Why on earth do I do that?  That post I wrote yesterday..... pah!!!  Drivel & Twaddle!!!  I went back later & read it..... can you say  B O R I N G!!  Who wants to read that crap?  Which brings me to my next question... am I THAT boring?  Do I drone on & on about nothing?  Am I just plain Vanilla in a Chocolate-Brownie-Fudge-Ripple world?  I hope not.

I find my life rather fun - not necessarily exciting all the time.  Crazy & fun is our typical family life.  At least it is to me.  I'll try not to do that again.  Shorter, sweeter, funnier, crazier posts are ahead .... maybe.....

I should have told you about getting cornered in Walmart by this odd gentleman yesterday.  I was sitting in the Subway, eating my lunch (we have a Subway in our Walmart).  This older gentleman & his wife were just finishing up & getting ready to ride their scooters off.  So, being me, when he looked up I politely said 'Hello' and went back to my sandwich.  What's he do?  He toddles over to me & SITS down IN my booth (with his wife's purse - because she had to use the bathroom & it would take her awhile = 700 gazillion scuffles to move 2 feet).  So she hollers as she's leavin' 'Don't go anywhere!' Like that could happen...

He says he wants to tell me 'his story'.... truly, I wasn't trying to be rude & NOT listen (I mean, the dude is sitting right across from my lunch - he even pushed part of it out of the way!!!), it's just that I couldn't even figure out what 'his story' was about!!  Then he says 'Ya got a pen?  Let me give you my phone number!'  Really? Really?  WTH!!!  So, being brought up to respect my elders (curse you Mom & Dad!), I hand him a pen & a piece of paper.  He writes on that & then also gives me a coffee discount card -from someplace I've never heard of-that he's decided to put his website down on.  So now I have two things that he's telling me I have to look up.  Finally, after ages go by his wife scuffles back.  He hops up & toddles back to his scooter.  I hear her holler 'Are ya comin?!!'... and see her whiz off at the speed of snail on HER scooter.  He jumps on his to follow & rams it into the corner not once but twice!!  Waving as he too speeds off!

The crazy part about all this.... He had his car keys on a lanyard around his neck. Did I mention that he had a pair of glasses that had only one lens in them?  And that lens was so dark I couldn't even see his eyeball!  Did I also fail to mention that he had a medical/hospital bracelet on his wrist?  Yeah.... and he's DRIVING!!!!  He smashed the scooter into the same corner of the wall twice!!!!  Just getting out of Subway!!  King Turd says that all retired people should be required to retake their road test every 4 years.  That would eliminate 'knuckle drivers' (you know, knuckle drivers, those little old people that have shrunk so much you only see their knuckles on the steering wheel & they drive looking through that & the dash!)

Ok.... so THAT was the 'crazy' in my day yesterday... weird.... Another day in the life....

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

PS.  I looked up that website - it's a person who changes photos to videos - something like you would watch at a wedding or funeral or graduation .... Oh, he also gave me his military rank.... Just in case... (in case of what?)

Friday, May 27, 2011


I got to sleep in this morning until 6:15!  How cool is that?  When I got up, I was able to putter around.... but, I puttered too much.... and talked on the phone with King Turd (he's in New Jersey.... I think.... someplace down thata way) for waaaay too long.  Finally I told him I HAD to go, or I was going to be late to my doctor's appointment.  'Oh?' he says, 'You aren't going to school?'..... Whaaaatttt?  'No, I am NOT going to school.  We have a 4 day weekend, remember?'.... 'Nope, nobody told me!'..... 'Ummmm, yep, I did.  Don't you remember that conversation we had about the fact that we might have been able to go camping because we had a 4 day weekend, but you thought you might have to go out Memorial Day night?' (and yes, I know it's a run-on sentence and yes, I DO talk that way) .... 'Hmmmm, I don't know, maybe.'  And he thinks I need my hearing checked?!!  Good grief.... lol  So, I ended up running late & I called the doctor's office to let them know & the secretary was so sweet, she says 'No problem we'll just move your appointment to 9.'  Gotta love it!  We haven't been with this new practice a whole year yet, but let me tell you they are wonderful!  They listen, and not just listen but REALLY LISTEN!  And they are willing to work with you & try natural things or a combination of natural & prescribed stuff instead of shoving prescription meds at you all the time.  They make you feel like you are the only person they have to see.  Oh, BTW, nothing to be alarmed about - just a little check up & some blood work.

From there stopped at the car dealer's to have them look at the bumper on our car (we have a 2010 Dodge Journey), it keeps popping out in one spot.  I think it might just be a clip that has broken or come loose and needs to be fixed.  Of course, when I drove in, this young salesman comes running (don't they always) and I tell him what is wrong as he walks me back to Service.  On the way he tells me about this nice little thing they offer, but somehow failed to let existing customers know, called Pick-Up-And-Delivery-Service.  'Ohhhhh yeah, he says.... 'It's great!!  Anything you need Service to do, we'll come & get your car & give you a loaner while we take care of yours!'  Really? says I..... 'Oh yes, as long as it is within 60 miles.'  Really? says I again... I'll keep that in mind.   So, back to the Service desk we go, he chats for awhile until we get the Service guy's attention & then he leaves.  This guy looks at it, says he'll have to take the light out & the bumper off, probably won't take too long to do, but all of his bays are full & it might take a little bit to get me in today, but they can do it.'  So after he leaves, I look at the Scheduling guy & say 'So, this isn't life & death here.  The bumper isn't going to be falling off anytime soon, it's just something that needs to be checked out.  How about if we schedule it when it will be more convenient for you?  And YOU can come & pick it up when I'm at school.  Then YOU can have it almost ALL day!'  Funny how they tried to worm their way out of doing that... but we did come to an agreement.... Mmmmwwahhahahahaaa - evil laughter

Ran some errands, the Lego King's friend decided that throwing up all over his mom's kitchen floor was 'more funner' than coming here for an overnight.  Both were terribly disappointed, so a huge promise of another day & things were right with the world.  Stopped to get my mani/pedi - talk about 'no room at the inn'!  Wow that place was packed.  So I made an appointment for 10 tomorrow - she told me they only take walk-ins but they honored my appointment above another woman last time - so we'll see.  Saw a friend there who was waiting - we figured out that we'd known each other 31 years!!!  Can you believe that?  Hard to think I knew her 2 years before I was even born, but I swear (stop looking at my crossed fingers & toes!!!) it's true!!! 

Wow, look at this blog thing - it's like I'm writing a book or something... At least reading me, you'll get a good night's sleep!

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One more day!! Skippity-do-dah-day!!!!

Waaahhhhoooooeeeeee!!!!!  One more day of schooool!!  One more day of schoool!!!  (This MUST be said in a see-sawing manner on the ooOOoo part of school).  Anyhoot - not that the kids have been bad or anything.  One of the boys who is consistently naughty has been having horrible allergy symptoms this week & because he's wiped out from that - he's actually been wonderful in class!  It's really not bad this week with only 4 days.  Thank heavens for not alot of snow this year!  Yessum!  Unused Snow Day = 4 Day Memorial Day Weekend!!

Lots to do this weekend.  Or I should put it - lots I want to do this weekend.  We'll see how much actually gets accomplished.  Flowers definitely have to be planted.  I have a doctor's appointment.  Then I want to get this gel polish off my nails I think.  I reeeeallly like it, but I can't afford $40 bucks every two weeks!!  So maybe I'll try to keep up a manicure myself (yeah, I know what you're thinkin' 'good luck with that!') And I need a pedicure while I'm there.  Then I invited one of the Lego King's friends to spend the night.  Then The Princess will be having a friend over aka Another Adopted Daughter to work on a project that needs to be completed by next week - she's coming on Saturday.  OH!  I forgot, King Turd & I were invited to a 'soft' opening for a friend's new restaurant.  (I know, I had to ask to make sure I knew what a 'soft' opening was too.  It's when a small number of people are invited to an opening or something - invitation only).  Wow... that only takes me to Saturday.... who knows what will happen on Sunday & Monday!!!  Although I should ask my Girl Scout Troop if they want to march in the Memorial Day Parade.  I highly doubt it since they're 15, 16 & 17 yrs. old!!  But I should do the 'Leader-y' thing & ask.  Don't forget to add in there clean the living room carpet - smells like dog - GROSS! GROSS! GROSS!  But then again... you know... it's a 4-day weekend!!!  I could get alot of crafty stuff done..... aww, who am I kidding?

On a final note.... God Bless our Service Men & Women who work and have worked so hard to keep our country safe & sound. Thank you!   I'll be waving my flag strong!!! 

What are you up to for the Memorial Day Weekend?

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Flowers

After school today, The Princess and I went to two local greenhouses & got flowers & a few veggie plants.

I decided after seeing some colors in a magazine that I wanted purple & light lemon yellow.  I got petunias & pansies, marigolds & some vinca vine.  I got 1 cherry tomato plant & some zucchini seeds.  The Princess bought some flowers too (don't ask me where she's planning on planting them (maybe by the mailbox - which by the way got smacked today & knocked all wonky - grrr!).  We have a couple of smaller pots out on the back patio & I think that's where we'll put the veggies.  I know, I know, we have almost 3 acres & I could just do a garden.  And believe me, I've tried - I have a brown thumb.  Years ago - when the kids were small I did it.  I also was a stay-at-home mom at the time and could devote all day to canning tomatoes & stuff.  Harvesting all the veggies when I could between doing other things.  Oh well, a season for everything, literally & figuratively.

Tonight was McCare night for our local Elementary Schools.  Teacher's and Administration serve at our local McDonald's between 5:00 & 8:00 and part of the proceeds goes to our schools.  We went through the drive-thru & were served by one of our principals.  :-)

After dinner, King Turd with the help of The Princess reattached my deck boxes for my flowers.  I have to find that gel stuff that you mix with the soil to hold water.  I have some & you only need a small amount.  What it does is it's a gel that acts like a sponge & soaks up water & releases it back into the soil as it dries out.  It's great for two reasons: #1.  The deck boxes are that meshy-burlapy-woven stuff that dry out quickly.  #2  I have a tendency to forget to water things (see reference to brown thumb above).  So this is really great for me!

Hope you're having fun planting your May Flowers!

Bye!  Love you!!  Have a good day, Dear!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Math?!!! Awww, Mom!!! aka Groan, whine, complain

Tell me, Would. You. PLEASE. Why, why, why, do I have someone who whines so much about correcting homework?  Especially MATH homework?  It's not like I teach Math or anything! Am I wrong?  Aren't you supposed to check over your kids homework?  Don't they want good grades? Isn't looking over homework what responsible parents do?  Especially of Elementary school kids?  I mean, once they get to High School & upper Middle School years, unless they asked for  help, I don't help.  Or if I got an email or call from their teacher(s) then I butt my nose in.  Sheesh!!! 

All of this whining, just because he needs a Lego fix.  He's such a Lego junkie.  He's working on a project, trying to duplicate old sets that Bigfoot used to have.  He's found instructions for old Lego sets & as well as current ones on this site called Brickfactory,  And since I haven't figured out how to link the word Brickfactory to the actual site yet, here's the site address all spelled out for ya.    http://www.brickfactory.info/

In a way, I wish I could go back to homeschooling.  I loved doing it.  My kids loved it. There was no homework.  You didn't leave the table until your schoolwork was done.  Albeit 15 minutes or 15 hours!  But, circumstances change and times must change and things move forward & on.  So we struggle through this ongoing homework glitch in order to have play time & Lego fixes.  And I know that this too shall pass. With about as much enjoyment as a gall stone!

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I DID do something....

Ok, so I DID do none some of the things I mentioned from my post the other day.... We did go to some garage sales & all I found was some Stampin' Up stamps for 50 cents a set.  Then we stopped at Wally-World & they had this awesome clearance sale on various hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, stuff to help it be curly - for The Princess) for $1.50 or less!  Most of the stuff I got was for a buck or less!!  I also found some nail polish that matched my Gel Polish - it's 2 weeks into it & it's chipping.  It's supposed to last 2 weeks, but come on - it'd be nice if it was a little longer.... $40 every two weeks for a manicure is a little out of my price range!

After Wally-World we came home & hitched up the trailer & took the fat-boy chair down to the upholstery guy to get it fixed.  A bolt broke off & since it was still under warranty I called Lane - yeah right.... I can take it to a couple of 'Lane Certified' repair shops (50+ miles 1 way!!!) to get it fixed.... I would still have to pay repair costs, but they'd send me the parts.  Great!!  So I send them a picture of the broken bolt & they send bolts back - not the right ones, but hey, what the heck I did get bolts!  So anyhow, took it to this other place that's closer.  It should be ready in a week or so.  I told him we'd pick it up when it was dry again.

Other than that, not much else got accomplished.  I did do some work on the bathroom - more needs to be done.  And I did the dishes.  So?  Does that count?

Ok - I NEED to put clothes away.  There is laundry all over my bedroom.  That's on the agenda for today.

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What to do? What to do?

Tomorrow is Saturday, what to do? What to do?  I should start a list:  Laundry, Clean the car, Declutter the bedroom, Clean the living room, Clean the bathroom, Clean the kitchen, Organize more in the craft room, Go to garage sales, Take the 'fat-boy- chair to get it fixed (which means 1. Go to the dump to empty the trailer & 2. Drive to the other side of PY with the chair IF & only IF it isn't raining..... but THEN, could stop at the Big Farmer's Market/Crafty place.... hmmmmmm).  Oh, yeah.... list:  Clean off my desk, Send bills out, Figure out how to do more on this blog... Don't you think that's a big enough list?  So?  Which one do I choose?  What to do?  What to do?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Where's the Spring Weather?

I've been freezing all day!  Yesterday I was sick - for some odd reason POOF! I'd changed into a sick, achy Mama.  I was fine, just sittin' there drinkin' my coffee... The amazing thing was that the Lego King came in & rubbed my back & took my glasses off, got me a cool washcloth & hollered at King Turd (who doesn't do vomit without adding some of his own) to get me a glass of water.  Such a good boy!  Anyhow, I stayed home today & slept a little later and I feel better.  Off to school tomorrow.

I decided that I'd make Chicken Noodle Soup.... then decided I'd do Chicken & Rice.... that's what's cookin' right now & it smells sooooooo yummy!  I had a bag of Wild  & White Rice mix so I added that.  Then I decided that it didn't look like enough rice.  So I added 2 packages of Rice-a-Roni Wild Rice mix.  Doesn't taste half bad.  The Princess helped debone the chicken while I cut up the veggies.  King T. got a baguette to go with the soup while he was out earlier.

Hopefully this will help warm us up from the inside out.  Started the pellet stove in the living room.  After dinner it'll be time for homework & watching the DVR'd Survivor finale.... Shhhhh!!!  Don't ruin it for me!

Bye! Love ya!!  Have a good day, Dear!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Barbara's Day

So, today I took a personal day... for a good friend's funeral.  Her death was unexpected.... surprising.... sad...  But the very instant after I was sad for me, I was joyous for her... Because, I KNOW, without a doubt, that she is in heaven.... dancing in the Spirit of the Lord.  It was funny (no, not funny ha ha.... funny, odd) what the pastor said today during the service.  He said that in one instance she was taking her last breath her on earth.... her very next breath was in the welcoming arms of our Savior!!!  Never thought of it that way.  It's like traveling down a road with nothing to see & then turning the corner to see a beautiful vista.  So refreshing & overwhelming.  I can only imagine what it was like for her.

I'll miss her.... I considered her one of my best friends.  Truly, without her & her husband, my life & that of my 2 older kids would have been totally different.  With their help I was able to get out of a domestic violence relationship & have a life to live.  A place to live.  They helped me get a good lawyer.  One that took the needs of my kids & me seriously & helped us get the things we needed.  She & her husband offered support as I learned how to be a single mom of two young children - manage an old farm house on my own (those of you with houses over 175 years old know what I'm talking about).  They offered support when I met King T.... when we got married & when the Lego King was born.....

I was thinking of her just the other morning while I was making the bed.... there is a beautiful afghan on our bed that she crocheted for our wedding present.

I'm going to miss her.....

Love you Barbara!!

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!!
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