Saturday, October 29, 2011

That 4-Letter Word!!!

I hate that 4-letter word!  You know the one that people use often - at least here in our part of the country.  The one that begins with a capital 'S'!!!  What?  No, no people - it's SNOW... not that other 4-letter word!!  Sheesh!

Ol' Jack Frost has poked his nasty little head back up.  Twice this week we've had hard frosts.  Yesterday morning was hard enough I had to give the car door a good yank to get it un-stuck.  Frozen shut - are you kidding?  It's not even November yet.  Dang it!  It was snowing the day before.  Our local ski resort got 3-4" of snow.  I'm not ready.  Really, I'm not. 

There are certain aspects of fall that I love.  I love the smell of the fallen leaves.  I love the colors.  I love that I celebrate our Wedding Anniversary in the fall.  I love that 'settling in' feeling.  The soups & stews & baking that goes on during this season.  The fall festivals & craft fairs.  I even like cuddling up under a blanket.  The sight of the fire & the heat from our pellet stoves.  Candles burning.  *sigh....ahhhh!*

What I don't like is having to get all bundled up to walk the dogs in the morning or at night.  Yes, yes, we DO live in the middle of nowhere & I still walk my dogs.  Jack was from a puppy-mill & he was the last puppy left, he was in a big, dark barn in a cage - all by himself.  He's afraid of the dark.  So since we've had him, we've had to go out with him or he would poop or pee on the porch because he was afraid to go down into the yard.  Jill was our second rescue.  She had never been in a yard that wasn't fenced in.  So we walked with her to make sure she wouldn't run in the road.  Willy, our third rescue, is still just a baby & learning where he needs to go potty in the yard & besides - when you're transmission is pretty low to the ground, it gets cold going through that wet, frozen grass!!  So I carry him out to where we need him to go.  Anyhoot.....

I don't like the shoveling & driving in the snow that comes next.  I love the pristine look of snowy fields & woods, etc.  But driving in it?  Not really.  So we had that darn stuff come our way this week.  The teacher that I work with, Jon, loooooves the snow.  In fact, he just bought a house up in Lake Placid where they get LOTS of snow - worse than  here!  He's crazy.  He loves Jackson Hole, Wyoming & Banff, Alberta, Canada!  Brrrrr!!  Not that they aren't beautiful, I'm sure... but he likes them because of the snow factor.

Oh well.  Unless I move south - where I would have to contend with more bugs and God forbid - snakes!!!  I think I'll just grab another blanket & a couple of critters & curl up with a good book & a cup of cocoa!!

What is your most hated 4-letter word?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Willy Found His Bark

Well, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing... Willy, we think, has finally 'found his bark'.  A dog with no bark, you say?  How can that be?  You have to remember that he's only a puppy.  He's about 18 weeks old now.  He's just learning how to 'talk'.  Once in awhile, he'd let out a bark & then whip his head around trying to figure out where that sound came from.

He's been pretty ferocious, wrestling with Jack & Jill and trying to 'kiss' our cat, Stubby.  --  Who incidentally, reminds me of Lucy from Peanuts, whose reaction is hysterical when Snoopy licks her.  Add to that reaction a disgusted cat face...*snicker* -- Anyhow, when he wrestles with Jill the only way he can be in charge of the situation is to sit on her head and make almost mean growling sounds .  You have to take into account Willy is 4 1/2 lbs to Jill's 20 lbs.

In order to be a dog in our house, you have to be weird.  You have to have funny little quirks.  All of our animals have some weird quirk that makes them fit right into our family.  When Jack begs, he forgets how to bark... so he mumbles.  Jill's weirdness is that she gets reeeeallly low when she runs.  She hunkers low, low, low to the ground & then the faster she goes, the bigger her 'racing stripe gets'.  She has a line of fur down her back (actually her hackles) that stand straight up when she runs.  Willy, so far has just been cute.  What cracks us up about him is his wild eyed ferocious look when he plays & he's pretending to be a big dog.

The other thing you MUST do, if you're to be a dog in our house is to bark at everything & and anything that happens outside.  A delivery man coming to our door; a friend or relative that comes to visit; a loud, slow vehicle going by on the road (which happens every day, since we live in farm country); the shadow of a bird flying by the window (which happens every day, since we live in farm country); a leaf blowing by the window (oh wait, that's every day too).  And let's not forget that we have to protect our home from the nasty neighbors pulling into THEIR driveway.  Oh wait, here comes another vehicle, pulling into the NEIGHBORS driveway - let's bark at that too.  You know, just doing their civic duty of protecting the whole-dang-neighborhood!!

So, tonight, the neighbors pull in (bark, bark, bark - race to the couch to peer out the window & let them know that they pulled into their driveway 'That's right, you ol' neighbors - you just pull into your own ding-danged driveway!!  If you pulled in here we'd lick you to death - ya big chickens!!!'.  Willy saw the 'big dogs' racing & barking & so he did the same.  He was so proud of himself.  Actually, we are too.  *sniff, sniff* our little baby is growing up.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cold Weather Is Here...

Well, I think the cold weather has finally hit us.  Today is a damp, cold & rainy day.  We broke down & turned on the pellet stove in the living room.  I think the dogs & the cat are ecstatic.  A couple of weeks ago I put the electric mattress pad on the bed, last night I added the soft, fuzzy polar fleece blanket under the quilt we had on top.  It was better.... except for the nasty hot flashes that make me go from frying-to-freezing in no time flat.

King Turd of Poop Mountain mentioned that 12 years ago tomorrow the weather was warmer & it was a beautiful day.  Our wedding day.  It was a small, gathering - only close family & friends.  We go back every year to the restaurant we had our reception at for our Anniversary dinner.  This year will be no exception.  My mom has already volunteered to take the Lego King for the weekend.  The Princess is going to her fathers for the weekend.

Having chicken & penne for dinner - King Turd makes the best.  Think I'll try & whip up that cheesecake in the crockpot for dessert.  We have half a ham to do tomorrow night (my mom sent it up, saying SHE couldn't eat it all... why does she buy such big pieces of meat?  She did mention that she thought she might like a slice of it though).  Thinking that this week needs to be warm & yummy food for this week. 

I have yet to make up a menu plan.  I know it can't be harder than I'm making it but, I just can't get past it.  Everyone says it's so helpful to have a menu plan.  And others say that it's not a big deal if you don't follow it exactly.... then will someone tell me the point of making a menu plan if you don't follow it? 

Have any menu planning hints that would kick my butt in motion?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Droppin' Like Flies

What is going on recently?  It seems like everyone almost everyone I know has become seriously ill, fallen, had something happen to them. 

I recently mentioned that my former Mother-In-Law, was disoriented and that they weren't quite sure if it was Dementia or Alzheimer's.  The weren't sure if it was dementia brought on by a UTI - she's 85.  Anyhow, today was the appointment with the neurologist & he confirmed that it is Alzheimer's.  Which is very sad.  She's such a wonderful woman.

My brother's best friend, had a reeeeeally bad staph infection on his arm.  Of course this happened while they were out in Colorado & Wyoming way on a hunting trip.  He spent a couple of days in the hospital.

Bigfoot has an abscess - that might actually be MRSA, but tests haven't come back confirming that yet.  So to be sure that he's ok they put him on pain killers & mega-monster-antibiotics.

The Lego King was sick with the flu this week.  Not that that's a major big thing.... just another drop in the bucket of weirdo stuff happening.

The teacher that I work with the most at school (I'm in 6 out of 8 of her classes), her husband just had an accident at work & almost lost his finger.  He's in a cast for 8 weeks & the physical therapy for another 8!!

Another teacher that I work with, on the same 6th grade team, collapsed on Tuesday & they took her out in a wheelchair.  She's in terrible shape & incredibly weak.

Then if that wasn't all enough, one of the teacher's that I share a room with fell tonight - right after the Lego King & I and the 3rd teacher in the room left.  The nurse took her out in a wheelchair too!!

What on earth?  Maybe it's the weather.... maybe it's *gulp* me?  Maybe I have some bad mojo goin' on?  Uh, oh......

How's your mojo goin'?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make up my mind!!

Sheesh!!!  I wish this weather would just make up it's mind!!!  First it's hot, now it's cold, now it's dry, now it's rainy.  I think that the change in weather causes lots of colds & flu viruses to want to hang around & see what's happening.

We've had quite a few kids out from school the past couple of weeks with a high fever, vomiting & diarrhea.  Wooooo I know, exciting.  Unfortunately it's hit our house.  The Lego King came down with it last night.  We're staying away from him the best we can & washing everything in sight after he touches it.  That boy touches everything!!

Thank goodness, this was one of the days King Turd was home, so he was able to stay with him.  He was running a fever at dinner, so that will mean another day home for him & this time me too.  That will allow me to check up on Bigfoot, who is also sick.  But, he's not here.... or I'd have to be watching & wiping down stuff that he touched too.

We try & do preventative measures, but sometimes we get hit anyway.  Hoping it's just a couple day thing & no one else gets it.  We're staying hydrated & getting as much sleep as we can.  Plus taking our herbs & vitamins.

What preventative measures do you take to ward off cold & flu season?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lovin' That Indian Summer

I love it when we have Indian Summer days in the fall.  I love that it is so sunshiney & blue out, then add to it all of the glorious colors of fall.  I think fall is my favorite season.  I heard robins gathering together the other morning, getting ready to make their trip south.  I have a friend who lives in Texas & she mentioned one fall that she knew it was getting colder because the robins were back.  It never occurred to me that to someone who lives down south that seeing them was a sign of changing seasons for them too.  In the fall we're always watching for the Canadian Geese to fly south - our sign of colder weather.  In the spring it's seeing robins & red-winged blackbirds.  I love to hear those bird songs in the spring.

This weekend will be spent 'buttoning up' the house.  Getting things ready for the colder weather.  We have Monday off, because of the Columbus Day holiday.  I'd like to get some things done that have been bugging me. This is the time I've been waiting for.

The 'Blonde Squad' is here for the weekend, minus Ami & Anna as they are back in Japan.  All my 'adopted' daughters (except for the red-head... she's mine), holding weapons of mass destruction minor irritation.  Air-soft guns & practice swords from Vision Forum.  Don't mess with these 'best-ies', they will 'wring you out & stomp you dry' if you hurt one of their 'sisters'.  They are very protective.  Can you tell?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

PS.  Stopped & visited Ella last night.  She's in good spirits... I did see the confusion during our conversation.  Praying that in time it will improve for her.  Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mania

This past weekend it's been pretty chilly here & we've been trying to stay warm without turning the pellet stoves on.  It hasn't been too bad.  I personally like snuggling under a blanket.  Willy?  Well, he likes to snuggle under the blanket too - he gets a mite snippy if you take his sweater off.  I told him if he wasn't such a hot-blooded-little-Latino-dog, he wouldn't be such a whiner when the cold weather hits.

It was one of those mornings, after one of those tossy-turny nights where you just really don't feel like getting up.  But-cha do. 

Got to school & a couple of the hot-blooded-little-Latino-7th graders decided to start my morning off right with a fight.  Hell-O Monday!!!  The rest of the day seemed pretty uneventful after that.  I did win a prize on Friday when I put in for our 'Dollar-Donut-Day 50/50 Raffle'.  I had a choice of some fall-ish knick-knack stuff (like stuff I'm trying to get rid of at the yard sale & now in the donate box) or I could wait until today & get a mum.  I chose the mum - it's a huge bright yellow one.  I have a 3 already but not a yellow one.  I love mums.  And generally they're not a plant I kill easily.  A big plus for me AND the plant!

While at school, I got a voicemail from the bank, telling me I'd gotten the smidgen more money that I needed to complete a couple of projects before winter.  Woo Hoo!!  Now we'll just see how far that money will go.  I'd like a small front porch put on, the deck for the pool & the electric for the filter/pump and the Princess needs 2 new windows for her room.

King Turd put up the louvered doors to the hallway.  We bought them the other day at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $3.  Yeah!!  One Honey-do off the list!

King Turd was home today & helped get one of my favorite cold weather, comfort food meals ready.  We had toasted garlic bread (it has pieces of garlic in the bread - not the kind with garlic butter that you eat with spaghetti) then we make our own garlic butter with minced garlic & garlic powder and we add Velveeta Cheese.  Now I know some won't say that Velveeta is cheese - but it makes these sandwiches so gooey & yummy... mmmmmm.... The we also have Campbell's Tomato Soup (yes it MUST be this kind for me) and Chicken Noodle.

A load of towels have been folded from the dryer & put away, a load of clothes has been washed & is now in the dryer.

Now it's almost time for bed and we get to start all over tomorrow - hopefully minus the fight in the morning.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

PS.  No news about Ella, thank you for your prayers for her. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Am I That Evil?

Am I THAT evil that you can't even let me in on what's going on?  I just found out that my former Mother-In-Law was not doing well.... she's 85...  She's one of those people who you just can't tell bad Mother-In-Law jokes about, she's so nice. 

Anyhow, on Friday, on the way home from school, the Princess mentioned that her father & his girlfriend had called & asked about her visitation this weekend.... saying that they would really like her to be there, that they were going to eat at Nana's house.... The Princess said that they didn't tell her anything else but they just 'sounded weird'.... like they were holding something back.

Come to find out, they were.  She has NOT been doing well at all.  She is not recognizing places or people.  She hasn't been taking her medication, she has a urinary tract infection.  This woman has been her church organist since she was 16 years old.  She refused to touch the piano for the past 2 weeks.  She is the choir director & organist; she plays piano quartet; she plays live every weekend at a local 4-star restaurant; she plays for numerous organizations & goes weekly to local nursing homes to play for shut-ins.  So, for her to not touch a piano for the past 2 weeks is disturbing - you KNOW something is really wrong.  They think it may be Alzheimer's.  Her only sibling, her sister, has it - they say it's hereditary.

Her oldest son, put a deposit on a room at a local assisted living facility.  She goes back & forth between understanding what's being said to wondering what she's done so wrong to have them say she has to go there.  It's devastating.  They're planning on moving her in tomorrow.

On a bright note, the Princess did get Nana to play piano with her.  She had taken lessons from Nana for quite awhile and played songs that she was taught.  She said that she 'messed up' a little on purpose hoping that Nana would come & 'help' her..... She did.... Which brought a sigh of relief & a smile to everyone's face.  Bigfoot & the Princess are the favorite grandchildren - it's because they have always lived within 5 miles of their grandparents & have always been around a lot. 

So, *sigh*, hopefully I showed my ex, that I am NOT that evil.  I can't change what he thinks he knows about me or thinks he remembers about me.  But, I did let him know that I'm here, that I'm concerned.

Prayers for her would be appreciated - her name is Ella.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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