Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ta Daaaa!

Well, I did it.  I finished another project that has been on hold since August or September.  Not because I wanted it to be, mind you.  I just couldn't find the 'parts' that I needed.  I had been looking at different organizing blogs & pictures on Pinterest about how to organize spice cabinets.  At our house we take a lot of natural herbs & vitamins and there were tons of bottles all over the counter.  So I asked my mother if she could please look for a wall mounted spice rack (my mom is an awesome garage saler - she finds the best deals!), she ended up finding this one:

Herbs & Vitamin Rack
I loved that it got some of the stuff up off the counter.  The problem was that not ALL of it was off the counter which still left it looking cluttered & a mess.  So, I started looking for solutions.  I found some amazing spice cabinets & storage options.  I really thought about those tins that have magnets on the bottom & I really liked that idea, but I didn't want to start all over again.  I really liked the spice rack, but it needed to work better for our family.  Monday, the Princess & I went to Bed Bath & Beyond & found empty spice containers (finally) that would work for us.  (BTW, I did find those little tins at Michael's in the wedding section $24 for a set of 30)  So, with a little bit of scrapbook paper, my round punch & some rub-ons this is what I came up with:

New containers & labels for my Herbs & Vitamins.

Refillable bottles
I put what didn't fit in the bottles with our other herbs & natural remedies, I will fill them as they empty.  Now, I do have to say this is NOT for everyone, especially those with small children (although all of our herbs & supplements DID NOT have child proof caps, anyhow).  These bottles DO NOT have child proof caps.  My children are 11 & older, and we rarely have children that are younger here, when they are, they're supervised at all times.

Labels & general dispensing info
 I thoroughly washed & dried the bottles & lids.  Then lightly roughed up the top of the lid with a scrubbie so that the double sided sticky stuff would stick.  Using my handy-dandy round punch, I punched out circles, added the big rub on letter, & then finished up with writing the rest of the words & basic dispensing info on the top.  I also used my handy-dandy label maker to put exactly what the 'official' brand name of the herb was & other info that would be needed to replace or for overdose information and put that on the side of the bottle.

So there you have it!  More of my Big Plans completed!

Have you had any 'Ta Daaa' moments this week?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Need An EMT!

Quick!!!  Send me an EMT, I think I broke my arm..... from patting myself on the back so much!  I know, I know, that was bad wasn't it?  You're welcome.  And yes, you can use it any time.  Again, you're welcome.

I have been a busy girl this week.  I'm so proud of myself.  Remember my 'Big Plans'?  I've accomplished some of them!  Oh yes I have!  One of the main things that's been bugging me for quite awhile was my desk.  It sits right in my kitchen.  I use it every day and it's an eyesore.  Here judge for yourself:

The 'eyesore' of the kitchen.  My desk!

 I added those baskets at the top & in the cubbies not quite a year ago, thinking that they would help keep crap stuff corralled.  It did/does work for the stuff that's in there (except for the one to the left of the printer that one was a mess).  The top of the desk is just a big dumping ground for everything that comes off the table at dinner time.  To the right are the bamboo desk accessories that my mom found at a garage sale (back in May of last year) for $5 - brand new!! 

So anyhoot, I started out on Saturday morning clearing the whole thing off, dusting it down, etc.  Midway through, I knew I wanted to get a light that would mount under the lip (just above the Skype camera) so the Princess & I made a trip to Wally-World.  Found this great cheap little light, $10 bucks.  Came home plugged it in, GAW!!!  I was blinded!  It was just at the height that it shone right in your eyeballs!  I need to find something that will mount & then shine straight down onto the desk.  Keeping my blinded eyeballs peeled.

After much sorting (yes, I even sorted ALL of the paperwork), I was able to add to the donate box, and fill a garbage bag about 3/4 full of paper/trash.  Ready for the reveal?  Here's what it looks like now:

The 'Wow there's really a desk under there!' desk!
I ended up not really finishing until about 11 that night.  I didn't rush myself or give myself a timeline.  I just knew I wanted to accomplish the feat & I wanted to do it right.  Most of the stuff that was on there I was able to relocate to where it actually needed to go.  Some stuff needed to be handled in a two step process.  Like, I had a pile of random email addresses that had to be entered onto the computer & put in my ipod.  I also had bits of paper with short lists on them.  Things like, movies I'd like to rent or books I'd like to read.  Things that my brother, mom or someone mentioned that they wished they had such & such - so I keep my eye out for it or use that as a Christmas or Birthday gift idea - things like that, that I wanted to put in 'Notes' on my ipod.  So, it's been clean for a few days now.  Pens, pencils, rulers, etc are to the left of the computer screen, to the right in the back of the little bamboo holder are bills & paperwork that is still 'in process', in the front is a spot that holds note paper.  The red thing with the pink was a birthday present from my kids.  It's a Hallmark Blooming Expressions says 'I love you' in it.  To the far right is an antique tea tin that holds odd business cards, extra key tags to various stores etc.  The baskets hold:  1-pay stubs, 2-paid bills & recent warranty booklets, 3-bills to pay, 4-tape, white out, envelopes & 5-calculators & check books.  I also straightened up the small drawer (that you can't see).

There has also been two other projects that I've been working on that I will reveal once I've completed them.  Four more days of vacation!!  I wonder what else I can get accomplished?

So how have your 'Big Plans' been going?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Plans

February Break!!  I can't wait.  I have Big Plans!  Ok.... so maybe they're not like, you know, BIG PLANS.  But there are a bunch of things I want to do and get accomplished.  So I think that the best plan of attack for getting my big-list-o'-stuff in my brain is to write it all down.  Then I can maybe pick & choose. 

I'd really like to work on the Jam Room.  The downstairs hallway is pretty bad.  Then I can't forget my craft room.  Then there is my desk.  And I really shouldn't forget my bedroom. 

Hmmmm, that's kind of a lot isn't it?  Considering that I've been invited for a day of cheesecake & wine at a friend's house.  I also told the Lego King that he could have a friend over.  And I'm sure that the Princess will want to have a friend or two over too.  And a friend asked me to babysit her dogs & guinea pig - at her house (so I have to let them out in the morning, afternoon & night).

Dang... maybe I must rethink my Big Plans...

Guess I'd better 'organize' my thoughts & plans before I 'organize' my crap stuff.... much purging should be done too.

What are your Big Plans for February Break?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I have to tell you about one major pet peeve that I have.  I cannot stand disrespectful people.  That is one thing that makes my blood boil faster than anything.  Liars are another thing that drive me up a wall.  I was always brought up to respect my elders.  In our local school system, there are at least two generations of disrespectful people that I have met.  Rarely have I met anyone where it go into a 3rd generation (those born in the 50's & 60's).

My ex was very disrespectful in his treatment of me, he would belittle me in front of people, literally turn his shoulder away from me as he walked around me so as not to touch me.  And he was a liar.  When my two older children & I escaped from that relationship and I learned to be a whole person again, one thing I taught them was to be respectful & DO NOT lie. 

All my kids can tell you that I've told them over & over, 'If you're big & bad enough to say it or do it.... you better be big & bad enough to accept the consequences!'  If they were caught lying their consequences were bigger than what they would have been had they admitted what they'd done in the first place.  I'm not saying that my kids are perfect & don't ever lie, I'd be dumb to even think that.  Everyone, including myself has lied at some point or another.  I know they have lied & I know they've probably gotten away with some stuff.  Many times my kids have come to me later & said,  'Mom?  You know when I said such & such?  Well.....', just because the guilt is eating them up inside.

Friday there was an Activity Night at school along with a Lock-In for the students involved in the club that sponsored it.  I had volunteered to show the Lock-In students a craft that night after the Activity Night.  The Lego King was going and on the way there I got this odd feeling that I really needed to stay.  So I did, and they were a little skimpy on chaperones.  I worked in the pool helping the lifeguards.  Since I work with the whole 6th grade, I know almost all of the kids (there are probably about 15-20 that are in classrooms that I don't ever see, but I know who they are).  There was one boy that I had seen before, but I didn't think he was a 6th grader... come to find out he wasn't.  He was a 5th grader - long, long story short - we had to ask him to leave. 

Fast forward about half an hour... another 6th grade student comes into the pool area with her 3rd grade sister.  I stopped her & said that her sister couldn't go swimming.  She looks at me sucks her teeth & rolls her eyes & then turns around & stomps out.  So I called to her... she refused to stop... I go out in the hall (where another teacher is standing) and continue to ask her to stop & come back, please.  She absolutely refused & kept stomping off. The other teacher called to her too.  Her little sister stood there.  I looked at her, apologized that she wouldn't be allowed into the pool, as we had just turned away a 5th grader.  She said Ok, & went after her sister.  Now here's the kicker - her mother teaches in a room 3 doors down from my room.  Ahem!!!  The other teacher told the student that she needed to apologize to me & I was told that she said that she already had.  Ah, No, she hadn't.  So, unfortunately I will be writing a disciplinary report up on her tomorrow morning. 

How can an 11 year old child be so disrespectful?  (This is the same girl who was caught breaking into another student's locker & when she was called on it & asked if she knew why she was in trouble admitted that 'Yeah, it was because she'd punched the Lego King' - so she busted herself on that crime.... I found out later that she had punched MY kid!)  I have told all of my kids, because I work in the school, they will be held to a higher standard, they will be respectful, they will take their consequences without complaint if they mess up.  How can you allow your children to talk back to you (as many of us have heard her talk back to her mother) or other adults and then look you in the eye & tell you you were wrong & didn't hear her right.

She's not the only one.  There are plenty of others AND their parents.  Those who think that they are entitled.  That you and the world owe them something/everything.  That they don't have to work for anything.  There have been teachers who have taught adjunct classes at local colleges & have found that the students there expect handouts & exceptions to rules 'just because' they asked for it or demanded it.  What is wrong with people?  Am I that far off in believing that in order to be respected you need to be respectful?  And Lying?  Oh for pete's sakes - don't even get me started.  It's so much easier to remember crap if you don't have to remember what lie you told to whom.

What do you think about people who are disrespectful?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Holy Cow!!  Where did last week go?  Whoosh! 

One of the things that made it wacky was that King Turd of Poop Mountain had back to back runs that he was given, so instead of being home on Thursday (He left on Tuesday night), he wasn't supposed to be home until Saturday morning.  Then his dispatcher changed his mind & brought him home on Friday.  What is it about having a man home at a different time than what was originally planned that just throws a wrench into things?  Not that I ever mind him being home... it's just that it's different & seems to make things 'off'.

I had a ton of laundry that was lining the floor of the bathroom (where our washer & dryer are) that I was trying to catch up on.  I've continued to declutter.  Making small, but forward progress.  I've been thinking about things that need to be done around here, in terms of decluttering and have made a few decisions.  One is that when I get upstairs (back to the hallway again) to the big bookshelf, all but favorite children's books will go.  Ones that haven't been read or the Lego King doesn't seem to be interested in will go.  In the Jam Room (aka backroom) I think the best way to tackle that is to do one shelf area at a time.  Similar to how I worked on the shelf/cupboard area in the kitchen.  I've also made a decision about my air-walker, I bought it years ago after getting rid of my stationary bike (fearing that the Lego King would chop his fingers off in the flywheel).  Without guilt, it's going.  I did a little research & bought another good stationary bike.  I KNOW I will use the bike, it's more compact & I can move it easily.  Besides, we ride bikes during the summer so this should help me not die on the first few bike rides.

This was the second weekend in a row that I can remember in a long, long, long time that I have watched a whole football game.  I actually enjoyed it (shhh!  Don't tell King Turd or the Princess - they're the actual football fans around here).  I was rooting for the Giants and it was fun to see them win.

I'm not sure whether the spring-like weather has caused this week to fly by or what.  It's been warmer than normal I love this weather in New York!  I could live with winters like this all the time!  Maybe I have Spring Fever?

How about you?  Are the weeks 'whooshing' by for you too?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!
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