Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sweet News!

This morning I had the sweetest news.  I got a call from our Middle School Principal telling me that he and the head of Human Resources had finally made a decision about the Math Learning Center position.  Guess who got the job.  Yup!  THIS GIRL!!  *sigh*  I do have to remain in the Structured Studies position for a week or two until they find someone else to replace me.  I know that I would have been ok if I didn't get the position.  There would have been some reason God kept me in Structured but, I am sooooo glad that I'm not.  I know that it would come down to a daily struggle to maintain a positive attitude and know that I was doing some good.  I hope that the two weeks +/- that I am there will help those students who are continuing from last year to have a good start.

The other sweet news is that my Fitbit came.  I'm so excited about counting my steps.  Does that sound weird?  I'm hoping that I do more in school than I do here at home.  I am on my feet 95% of the day at school & here.... let's just say I'm not.  I've been 5,817 steps today and the day still isn't done.  I know I won't have 10,000 in.  Last night was the first night it logged my sleep & I'm at 96% efficiency.  Ha, good to know I'm a slug.  It also tracks my activity levels, which have been... well, pretty level today.  I'm excited to see what this little baby can do.  King T has had his on too & it's weird how he's done tons more steps than me, even though we've been to pretty much the same places. 

Well, off to start a little fire in the fire pit.  Enjoy the stars & the last of the peepers.  Happy Labor Day!

Are you doing anything special for Labor Day?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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