Saturday, March 2, 2013

What to post?

What to post? What to post? Hmmmm?

I am still trying to get organized here. Imagine that! When we were off for Winter Break I was really on a roll (except for those few days I was laid up with my tooth). I really almost hated to head back to school. Truth be told, it's not often that I am really into shaping up the house.

The bathroom & the kitchen were the two main rooms that I had gotten in ship-shape. Now it's back to picking them up & restoring order, then on to the living room and our main hallway.

I have ideas and future plans for our bedroom (the kids are on their own), the 'jam room' and my craft room. Over break the Princess & a friend totally reorganized her room. We took tons of boxes to the Salvation Army and bags & bags went to the trash. Her room looks amazing. Hopefully, I can continue on, bit by bit until Spring Break & then I can kick it into full gear.

The Lego King just asked if I could play Lego Creator with him. It's a Lego game, I know, shocker! So I'm off to spend time with my family.

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!


  1. Welcome back! Love the new look (and happy late birthday to you) Hope your tooth is feeling better.

    1. Thanks Liz. It's nice to be doing 'something for myself' for a change!!



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