Monday, September 12, 2011

I Hate Dishes... But I Love My Husband

I hate, Hate, HATE dishes.  I swear the dirty ones rub up against the clean ones when we're not looking and get them ALL dirty!  I hate dishes in spite of Frank.  Frank, you know, my favorite child?  The one who ALWAYS does the dishes & never complains?  The child my husband bought me about 5 years ago (wow, I can't believe he's that old - my how time flies).  For those of you who are slightly confused, Frank is my dishwasher.  What?  Don't you name your appliances?  No?  Just me?  Well isn't that odd....

Anyhoot, dishes are my husbands pet peeve.  He hate, Hate, HATES dirty dishes and not just ANY dishes.  He especially hates those ones that aren't done up daily.  As in doing dishes MORE than once a day type of dishes!  Sheesh!  Who has time to do dishes when you can just ignore them?  He gets so upset if he comes home in the mornings (he drives truck over-the-road, at night) and there is a pile of dishes in the sink & on the counter.  And yes, I know I have Frank to help (plus the Lego King & the Princess) but you still end up with extras - and sometimes those big pots & pans don't fit... And sometimes Frank doesn't do a good job - which drives ME nuts - especially if someone puts them away dirty.  That just grosses me out.

Even though I hate dishes, I do love my husband.  Even though I'm tired & want to go to bed & just leave the darn things, I love my husband.  I want to come home to a place that is stress free & clutter free.  I want to come home to a place that makes you say 'ahhhh, it's sooooo good to be home'.  And part of that starts by making it a nice place for my family to come home to.  It means doing the dishes, again & again & again.  Those mundane thankless chores that I'd rather ignore, but if you do, they pile up & become mountains (or at least what seems like mountains).

I'm going to continue to declutter, and I'm going to try & keep things cleaned up & picked up.  It's easier when things are kept that way.  I know I've gotten off track these past few weeks.  What with a whirlwind trip to North Carolina for Willy, then getting ready for the yard sale and then going camping and then school starting as soon as we got back.  I have to get back in the groove.

I may hate dishes, but I love my husband & I want to honor him by making our house a sanctuary for him to come home to.

Is your house a sanctuary?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. Ha! Not even close, Sister. You should see my house RIGHT NOW. Soccer season on top of working is killing me.

  2. Well, it's OUR sanctuary, but clean and spotless all the time. Ha! My husband doesn't care so much if dirty dishes are piled to the ceiling - but he hates running out of clean spoons. (For some reason, that's always the first to go...) I tried buying another set of spoons - we have like a billion... and yet they are all always dirty it seems...

  3. I'm the same way. I like my husband to be able to come home to a clean and tidy house. Although, it's kind of my anal issues, too. If I go to bed with dishes in the sink, I sleep terribly, just thinking about those dishes.

    I know. It's sick. But I do love my house when its tidy. And I love to make sure it's that way when my hubs comes home.

  4. Oh, my house is a sanctuary, but I admit to sometimes letting the chores go. I have not one problem sleeping with a sink full of dirty dishes. Not one.

    But, I do admit that it tends to ruin the peacefulness of my morning coffee. ;)


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