Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rite of Passage

Wow!  I am the mother of two 'adults' & a pre-teen!!  Can't believe they made it this far without me burying them in the back yard with my other 27 kids  selling them to the gypsies  going out of my mind.  It was a little more trying with Bigfoot, as he was the oldest & the first to push my buttons me to my limits.  As the Princess came along, I got a little bit better at knowing what was 'arms & legs' & what wasn't.  In other words, I knew a little bit better about picking my battles.  Her getting a tattoo?  For me & her step-dad?  Not 'arms & legs'.  For her 'real' dad (using terms loosely) - well, let's just say something is going to hit the fan when he finds out.  She had every opportunity to tell him beforehand & she chose not to.  So now she has to deal with the fallout instead of being upfront with him.  Choices.  Her choices.

So, the tattoo.... She'd decided that she wanted one more than a year ago & has been looking at tattoo flash ever since.  I have 4 tattoos & all but the little hummingbird are my own design.  She decided that she would design her own.  Her design is of two intertwined hearts with the Japanese word(s) for Friendship in the middle.

The Princess' rite of passage:

Touched for the first time - Ryan doing line work

Adding color was painful.  She was a trouper!
The finished product.

It looks even nicer now without the redness in it.  I know that tattoos aren't for everyone.  I didn't get one until I was 40 (it was my birthday present from King T).  I got Classic Pooh - stuck in Rabbit's hole on my ankle.  Pooh's head is on the outside & his butt is on the inside.  I have a vine with pink & purple flowers connecting  them.  It amazes me to look at some of the work that people have had done - some gross, ugly stuff (at least to me), stuff that was done poorly & stuff that is pretty amazing.  I saw a spider tattoo that looked 3-D with the shadowing - not necessarily the spider part... but the 3-D effect was incredible.  Anyhoot, she's very happy with it and that's what counts.

I've been slowly working on a project.  It should be finished soon & I'll post about it, including pics (come on, I know you're impressed.  'Cause I'm all cool & stuff 'cause I know how to upload pics now).  Until then, have a great rest of the week.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. OUCH! TERRIFIED of needles. Nice ink though!

  2. My husband, every once and awhile, comes up with these incredible slices of wisdom. Having 3 teenage daughters is enough to get anyone committed. I used to engage in daily verbal battles with each of them because a teenage girl knows just how to shoot an arrow into your heart and then just push it in and swirl it around for the greatest effect. One day, my hubs said, "Just don't engage with them. Tell them the way it is and then shut it down. Don't listen to the rest." Sighhh. It has worked wonders along with yes, picking your own battles.

    the tattoo is beautiful. I'm a big admirer, although I don't have any of my own. Too afraid of those needles.


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