Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey, Ya'll Watch This!

You know that Redneck saying that starts out 'Hey, ya'll watch this!', then everything proceeds to go awry?  I think that's how my summer has ended up.  I thought I would be posting once or twice a week, and here I haven't posted but, once a month.  I've left you hanging on a few things, the search for Adam, my husband's surgery, my progress on organizing.  This week has seemed the craziest yet!  For the most part, the craziness has ended on a good note or just ended.  I'll try to fill you in, in the order that they happened.

Adam:  The search for Adam still continues.  I really feel at this point in time that he is dead.  There has been no contact from him at all & he's missed important events that we all know he wouldn't miss.  There has been no activity on any of his accounts, he hasn't been to his job, called anyone or seen by anyone.  There have been two separate occasions where people have gone to two psychics from the area & both have said that he's within 3 miles of his house.  I personally had a dream that he was hugging his grandfather who died years ago.  Currently family & friends are meeting nights & searching the area woods, step by step.  I can't help with that because I know that I wouldn't be able to get that sight out of my head. EVER.  So I do what I can & continue to pray.

King Turd of Poop Mountain:   The King's gastric bypass surgery went really well.  Originally it was scheduled for August 1st, but they called and moved it up to July 30th.  He was the first surgery of the day, so we had to be up there bright & early.  Did you realize that there are two 3:30's in a day?  Ugh, neither did I.  I hope I don't have to see that again anytime soon.  The doctors, nurses and staff were absolutely wonderful and very attentive.  I was able to bring him home on Thursday.  I was worried that he'd try & do too much (as per his personality) but, he's been a very good boy & has not.  He's been eating what he's supposed to (liquids only until this week) very thin 'gruel'.  Proteins in first & then sip, sip, sip liquids to stay hydrated all day.  We're still adjusting & it will take time.  Currently I'm trying to use up all of the 'bad food' and get it out of the house so that I can replace it with a healthier version.

As for getting things done around here?  Hahahahahhaaa!  What a laugh.  You can check out my high hopes here in this particular post.  Between running here & there & everywhere and being the only driver (until today - King T can now drive again) I was a little busy.

My Redneck month started when I brought The King home from the hospital.  Then our cat, Stubby, went missing and is still gone.  I am devastated.  We've searched & called & contacted neighbors.  I am so sad that we can't find him.  The whole family has had a variety of appointments.  Add to that, the Princess has a job as a dishwasher/food runner/kitchen staff at a local restaurant and her hours are generally 4 or 5 until closing.  Which runs sometime between midnight & 1:30 a.m. and I have to go get her.  Then add those appointments almost every day in August - you know, so that you're ready for school.

This week put a real twist on crazy, the thing is, is that so much happened that I've got my days mixed up.  I can't remember what happened first & that bothers me.  So sometime this week the following happened:

My best-friend asked if I would help her look at an apartment, not that that's crazy.  She's the girl who has, all her life done for others, she's a nurse, that's what she does.  Now though, she's gotten to the point where she feels she needs to make a change.  She & I both hate change, I think that's why we get along so well.  Anyhow, she's nervous about having her own place & making it on her own.  I think that she deserves to do for herself & that it would make her stronger as a person.  

A notice was sent out from school about a job opening for the Math Learning Center.  I applied.  I found out that a couple of other people did too.  When I handed in my Letter of Interest, the secretary said that they had to do 'Call Backs' first.  Crap.  We'll see.  I'll find out August 30th where I'll be & what I'll be doing for the year.

My mother needed me to go with her to Lowe's with our trailer to pick up some lattice for her back deck that she's having re-done.  Long story short.  My mother had a stroke about 10 years ago & her memory for numbers isn't as good as it used to be (which bothers her as she was an Account Clerk for the County before she retired).  So anyhoot, we get there & she didn't measure before we came.  Who goes to Lowe's for a specific item that you need to know a specific amount and you don't measure?  Then she drove me crazy when we got back saying that we needed to go back & get something else because she couldn't think how to fix the situation.  She just needed to add a couple of 2x4's in a few spots to make the lattice that she did get work.  *sigh*  So we got that worked out.

Oh, I forgot... in between all this, part of King T's healing process involves a lot of walking.  So, Bigfoot & Bigfootess had brought over a treadmill for him.  Both the King & I were using it.  We wore it out & it quit.  So, our SIL had one that she said we could have.  The craziness was I needed to get this big, dead honker out of my bedroom & get the other one home, up the steps & in there instead.  With no help.  *gulp* 

So (hopefully) the last craziness.  Another friend just moved & had stuff that needed to go to the landfill, but they didn't have a trailer.  She was totally stressed about the junk that they had to get rid of just sitting around forever.  I was totally stressed about moving the treadmills & NOT having King T help & hurt himself.  Then *bink* the light bulb went on.  She has 3 strong boys plus her husband!!  So they helped relieve my stress by moving the treadmills for me and I let them use our trailer to haul junk away. 


She calls me the next day.  Her 12 year old daughter was out riding her bike and got hit by a car.  She & I have known each other for almost 20 years.  We have children the same age (born within days of each other).  Her daughter is the same age as The Lego King.  I was sick.  They took her by helicopter to the hospital.  And my friend was calling for prayers & phone numbers to call a few other people on their way.  I immediately contacted fellow prayer warriors to pray.  And by the grace of God, she came away with a minor concussion, a bruised lung, bruised bones & severe road rash.  No permanent damage.  Thank God she was wearing a GOOD bike helmet.  It took a 2"x3" chunk out of her helmet.  They were able to bring her home that night.  I haven't been down to see her, but her mom sent pictures & she is in pretty rough shape. 

God's grace... that's all we're living by.... God's grace.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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