Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a Nice Day For a White Wedding!!

A friend from Kindergarten is getting married today.  I've known her forever.  It's rainy, grey & blowy but, it's her day.  I know, that she's probably been freaking out the whole day & I hope she hasn't worked herself into being sick.  I'm excited for her, she's only known this poor sucker guy for 21+ years, and they only have 2 kids together.  Nothing like racing the relationship along at the speed of snail! 

I'm ready!  Got me some new shoes, and new blouse (thanks to the 50/50 raffle I won at work!).  Got me a fancy pedicure & manicure (thanks to KTOPM & Family for my BD present back in January - gifts are still appreciated).  Got my one grey hair dyed yesterday.  Got King Turd of Poop Mountain a new pair of pants & a tie.  He looks pretty schnazzy.  He's gettin' out of this date cheap!  Get to see a bunch of friends we've known since God invented dirt!  Fun, fun, fun!

Congratulations B & J!!!!

Bye! Love You!!  Have a good day Dears!!

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