Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Back from a wonderful dinner with extended family.  Yum!!  I officially weigh 64,318 lbs now. <sigh>

The Easter Bunny came this year, although I don't know how many more times he'll show up.  I kept asking the Lego King if he believed because he believed or did he believe because he just wanted to keep getting stuff.  His reply was, 'Mom?  What are you saying?!'  King Turd & I hid the eggs while he went upstairs & woke his sister up.  We are allowed to do this because the Easter Bunny gives us permission.  It's because he doesn't want the cats or dogs to eat the eggs after he goes to all the trouble to hide them.

In other news, Jill - our Mountain Feist ate the couch!!!  ATE IT!!!  Well technically she didn't digest it, she just tore apart one of the cushions.  Grrrrr!!! This poor couch has been through 3 kids & 2 dogs & a bazzillion cats & has yet to be torn up or eaten.  We get one rescue dog & she eats the couch.  Now she's wrecked all the fun for everyone.  No doggies on the couch!!  Not even Jack the Jack Russell who doesn't eat couches.  Just stuffed animals & that's only sometimes.... like when they are ferocious and they attack him first!  So that means no sitting on the couch with a warm fuzzy body curled up next to you.  That is so sad.  Shhhhh! Don't tell King Turd, but I think eventually he'll change his mind & allow them back up there once I get it repaired.  It's our secret!  Mkay?

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day Dear!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping my lil ghost town of a blog right now. I'm currently on a break, doing some writing stuff, but I hope to be back very soon.

    My two pups that I've had since the day they were born, also have their mom, put me to hell and back their first year. The couch was my biggest fatality. Although, I'm not sure if I cried as hard as all the times they got some of my most beautiful shoes.

    Love the duckies. My college girl collects them.


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