Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make up my mind!!

Sheesh!!!  I wish this weather would just make up it's mind!!!  First it's hot, now it's cold, now it's dry, now it's rainy.  I think that the change in weather causes lots of colds & flu viruses to want to hang around & see what's happening.

We've had quite a few kids out from school the past couple of weeks with a high fever, vomiting & diarrhea.  Wooooo I know, exciting.  Unfortunately it's hit our house.  The Lego King came down with it last night.  We're staying away from him the best we can & washing everything in sight after he touches it.  That boy touches everything!!

Thank goodness, this was one of the days King Turd was home, so he was able to stay with him.  He was running a fever at dinner, so that will mean another day home for him & this time me too.  That will allow me to check up on Bigfoot, who is also sick.  But, he's not here.... or I'd have to be watching & wiping down stuff that he touched too.

We try & do preventative measures, but sometimes we get hit anyway.  Hoping it's just a couple day thing & no one else gets it.  We're staying hydrated & getting as much sleep as we can.  Plus taking our herbs & vitamins.

What preventative measures do you take to ward off cold & flu season?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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