Saturday, October 29, 2011

That 4-Letter Word!!!

I hate that 4-letter word!  You know the one that people use often - at least here in our part of the country.  The one that begins with a capital 'S'!!!  What?  No, no people - it's SNOW... not that other 4-letter word!!  Sheesh!

Ol' Jack Frost has poked his nasty little head back up.  Twice this week we've had hard frosts.  Yesterday morning was hard enough I had to give the car door a good yank to get it un-stuck.  Frozen shut - are you kidding?  It's not even November yet.  Dang it!  It was snowing the day before.  Our local ski resort got 3-4" of snow.  I'm not ready.  Really, I'm not. 

There are certain aspects of fall that I love.  I love the smell of the fallen leaves.  I love the colors.  I love that I celebrate our Wedding Anniversary in the fall.  I love that 'settling in' feeling.  The soups & stews & baking that goes on during this season.  The fall festivals & craft fairs.  I even like cuddling up under a blanket.  The sight of the fire & the heat from our pellet stoves.  Candles burning.  *sigh....ahhhh!*

What I don't like is having to get all bundled up to walk the dogs in the morning or at night.  Yes, yes, we DO live in the middle of nowhere & I still walk my dogs.  Jack was from a puppy-mill & he was the last puppy left, he was in a big, dark barn in a cage - all by himself.  He's afraid of the dark.  So since we've had him, we've had to go out with him or he would poop or pee on the porch because he was afraid to go down into the yard.  Jill was our second rescue.  She had never been in a yard that wasn't fenced in.  So we walked with her to make sure she wouldn't run in the road.  Willy, our third rescue, is still just a baby & learning where he needs to go potty in the yard & besides - when you're transmission is pretty low to the ground, it gets cold going through that wet, frozen grass!!  So I carry him out to where we need him to go.  Anyhoot.....

I don't like the shoveling & driving in the snow that comes next.  I love the pristine look of snowy fields & woods, etc.  But driving in it?  Not really.  So we had that darn stuff come our way this week.  The teacher that I work with, Jon, loooooves the snow.  In fact, he just bought a house up in Lake Placid where they get LOTS of snow - worse than  here!  He's crazy.  He loves Jackson Hole, Wyoming & Banff, Alberta, Canada!  Brrrrr!!  Not that they aren't beautiful, I'm sure... but he likes them because of the snow factor.

Oh well.  Unless I move south - where I would have to contend with more bugs and God forbid - snakes!!!  I think I'll just grab another blanket & a couple of critters & curl up with a good book & a cup of cocoa!!

What is your most hated 4-letter word?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. It's a little (lot) different here in Tennessee. If we're lucky, we get maybe 3 good snows a year, so when it happens EVERYTHING shuts down for a day or two. It's a lot more fun that way... (sunny 72 degrees here...)

  2. I don't like the S word either. We don't have any here yet but once it comes it's here for the long haul. At work we just had a United Way drive and I actually bought a parking space so I don't have to have the long trek through the parking lot to the front doors. I know I'm a big baby but I like to think of it as charitable giving :)

    Hope you guys are all shoveled out.

  3. I was just thinking I need to take down the Halloween decorations before it snows :/


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