Saturday, November 12, 2011

Helping Out

We talk about helping out a lot around here.  And we adjust & refinagle a lot around here to try & get things done.  See, the thing is, is that King Turd of Poop Mountain's job is so that he is home every other day & then here on the weekends.  Which, when he went back to this schedule, was hard to adjust to.  It's not my favorite schedule, and sometimes makes it difficult to plan, especially BIG projects.  You know the ones.... where you leave stuff out for a day or two, trying to straighten up enough & purge enough to put it all some of it back in the space you've created.

We used to have chore charts - years ago - when all 3 kids were here at home.  Then as children got older, that didn't quite work.  At least once the older two decided that having a chore chart was stupid, then the youngest decided that they were stupid too.... Monkey see, monkey do.  So we moved on to zones/rooms & alternating them..... then assigning them..... then asking them individually which room they would like to be in charge of.... THANK GOD they all chose a different room - a weight off my shoulders.  So we tried that for awhile.  Yeah, right - ok, so that worked for a little bit.

Now what happens is we just ask for whatever child is handy to help.  I try to be fair & ask every other time (since only the Princess & the Lego King are here at home now).  King T helps out with the dishes (which I hate) and I do the laundry (which he hates).  Then he mainly does the outside chores & I do the inside ones.  There are some things that I do outside, but the 'lift that bail, tote that barge" stuff - it's on him.

One thing that I do have to say about our kids is that they have always been willing to help with very little complaint.  They're really good about it.

Even the dogs have gotten in on the act.... they help with the cat box.... they take care of the kitty crunchies..... ewwww, gross, gross, gross..... "ha, ha, mama lemme give you a kiss"  'lick, lick, lick'....  Every once in awhile they sneak upstairs & raid the kitty box - usually we catch them before they get too far... some help is NOT appreciated!

Who helps around your house?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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