Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Mother Called

My Mother called the other day, to tell me something, that I can't remember now.  I do recall our conversation about the dogs though.  We also talked about the neighbors new dog and my mother's cranky, old cat.

My mother's cat is mean.  He's spoiled & weighs 18 lbs., he's lost weight recently - close to 5 lbs.  He bites my mother's ankle as she walks by.  We're not talking a 'love nip' here... We're talking an all out chomp.  Then he'll take & claw her hand if she's not doing what he wants - like petting him 24/7.  He's old - King Turd says that he'd drop kick the old thing if it ever did that to him and he could take care of all of my mother's problems for about 35 cents!!

Then we have to talk about my dogs, being afraid of the new dog across the road.  It looks like a Black & Tan Coonhound.  He's on a lead/run line thingy.  He barks & scares my dogs who then of course get 'poop anxiety' and can't go potty.  Even when we go out with them to walk them.

This is where my mother stopped our conversation.  She informed me that we do not go out to 'walk' the dogs.  We go out and 'stand' the dogs.  She's getting technical.  She informed me that walking a dog - means I walk too.  We just go out in the middle or on the edge of the lawn & stand there & watch them.  Hence, ''standing' the dogs'.

So, from now on - don't bother me while I 'stand' the dogs!!

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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