Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

This past weekend seemed so random.  Just the things that we did & the stuff that went on.  My thoughts have seemed random too.  In no particular order:

The Princess & I were on our way to town & we saw a hawk flying over a nearby field.  I pulled over to the side of the road to watch.  Usually it's a red-tailed hawk that we see around here.  This one was a Northern Harrier instead.  A distinctive black helmet & a rust colored chest, black & white striped tail-feathers.  It was so beautiful.  We watched it catch something & drop it.  Then circle back around only to lose it in the hay field.

Stopped at our one of our local grocery stores.  With a $25 purchase, you could get a frozen turkey for 48 cents/pound.  I was able to get a 14# turkey.  Usually I get a giant one, but the smaller size will work for a family meal with plenty of leftovers that WON'T go to waste.

Bigfoot and my future DIL came over for his belated 21st birthday celebration.  Made his favorite meal - Cheeseburger Rice.  I tried to make a vegetarian version for her using tofu crumbles.... Epic Fail.... Everyone but the Lego King tried a bite... we all agreed that it's best I not make that again.  I told her she'd be my vegetarian guinea pig.  Her reply was 'Uh oh.'.... lol  They brought me flowers to suck up for Bigfoot being a big dork & not calling me to say he'd gotten engaged.  I've forgiven them.  Besides they say it will be a loooooong engagement.

Last night the Lego King threw up.  Thankfully it was a half day today at school (even though I was supposed to be there the whole day for training) and he won't have missed much.  King Turd was home today, but this morning he had a doctors appointment.  By the time he got back there was about an hour left of school - so it wasn't really worth it for me to go in.

In the meantime, my mother (aka Nana-Next-Door) planned my afternoon for me.  Remember when we had the pool put in?  Well we had to fill in around the edges with dirt.  My mother had had some work done & they brought her a truckload of topsoil.  She decided that today - this afternoon to be exact, would be the perfect day to move that dirt.  Since the Lego King was sickly & King Turd has to leave-out tonight & was sleeping, that left the Princess & me to do it.  We hooked the trailer to the car & off we went - twice... to my mothers & filled it up with dirt & then brought it up here & filled in around the pool.  The plus side is that it is done.... the annoying side is that my mother is 'still the boss of me'.... *sigh*  Does that ever really change?

My best friend Kathy & I started a new club.  It's called the Dumb Daughter's Club.  You can only join if your mother says you can do something & then tells you you're doing it all wrong.  We decided that the cheer should go something like "Bad Girls, Bad Girls......."  We're working on a t-shirt design....

I went out to 'stand' the dogs this afternoon.  I had to put them on a leash because we smelled a skunk & I'd rather just smell skunk-stink on a skunk and not on my dogs or cat.  While I stood out there I watched one of the biggest flocks of Canadian Geese I have ever seen fly over.  There literally had to be a good 2,000 geese.  It was amazing.  The flock had to have been almost a mile long.  So cool.  Saw a small flock of robins too.  I think they're on their way to visit my friend Catherine down in Texas.

Thunder & Lightening storms in November - pouring rain.... so very, very thankful for a new roof!

One last random thought.  A friend of mine is writing something that she's grateful for each day until Christmas.  I was wondering if I could do that for a whole year.... I'm sure I could.... but that leads to the next question... am I on the computer every day?  In order to do one for every day?

What do you think?  Do you think you could be grateful for something EVERY DAY for a year?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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