Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching Up

Quite a few people have asked about how my birthday went & basic 'What's up?' type of questions. Since my brain was fried this past week with proctoring Midterms. EVERY.DANG.DAY. I thought I'd try & catch you up on the happenings around here. First - Christmas was wonderful. We have our 'family' Christmas & then have a Christmas Brunch here for extended family, then another session of opening presents. We had invited 9 people and 4 showed up. Which is ok, just wish that the others had said they weren't coming as we cooked a lot. We did the ham & egg casserole in the crockpot this year. It wasn't too bad - a little dry. Had all the usual - breakfast sausage, french toast, bagels, homefries. The biggest surprise of the day was when we asked Bigfoot what he had gotten his fiance, Bigfootette, for Christmas & she turned to us & said 'A baby.'.... I felt the blood rush out of my arms & my mother gave a surprised 'Oh!'. Then they fell back on the couch & laughed hysterically saying 'Ha, just kidding!' I called her a 'shithead' & threw a box at her. Rotten children... I think she'll fit in this family nicely.

Then January came & my big 5-0 birthday on the 8th. When I was growing up my mom always fixed our favorite meal on our birthdays. We've continued that tradition in our family. And my mom has continued that tradition with us kids, even though we're older. So, my favorite birthday meal is Codfish & Gravy over mashed potatoes. I know, I know some of you are gagging right now (kinda like the rest of my family - they don't like liver either... oh & I have the BEST recipe for that). Anyhoot, I had called my mother about something & she says "So what are you doing on Sunday?" And before I could answer she went into this big long sch-peal about how she-hoped-King-Turd-hadn't-planned-anything-because-she-was-bringing-up-dinner-my-favorite-and-she-was-inviting-Bigfoot-and-Bigfootette-and-what-time-did-I-want-dinner-she-already-had-the-menu-planned...... Ok, so have you taken a breath yet? 'Cause she didn't... and I was doin' like my mama taught me & being polite & all & waiting until she finished to tell her I really didn't want Codfish & Gravy this year when..... and-we-are-having-meatloaf-mashed-potatoes-corn-squash-lima-beans-codfish-and-gravy-angel-food-cake-strawberries-and-whipped-cream-oh-and-i-have-already-bought-the-codfish.... *insert trumpet going 'Wah, wah, wah*. So, being the good daughter I said 'Gee, Mom, that sounds great! Thank you!' *Ahem* So next year I am planning ahead. I will inform her waaaay beforehand that I DON'T want Codfish & Gravy for my birthday dinner.

I'm still trying to decide what I want for my birthday present from King Turd. I'm seriously thinking of adopting another Chihuahua (pronounced 'Chi-hoo-a-hoo-a' at our house) from Willy's original foster mom. But that would make 4 dogs. FOUR! Of course do chihuahuas only count for 1/2 a dog? Then we would only have 3. But look at this baby...

Isn't she sweet? She's a long-haired chihuahua/dachshund mix. Oh, I don't know. I'm flip-flopping. But, she's so darn cute! We need another dog like we need a hole in the head.

This past week has been Midterm Week. We've had testing from 8:30 - 11:20 EVERY DAY. Then of course since the kids have basically been in 'lock-down' they are nuts in the afternoon. It wiped my brain out. The Lego King was freaking because it was the first time he had ever had to take Midterms. And almost every night he was saying 'What if I don't pass? What if I fail? I don't want to go to summer school!' My reply was: 'You won't fail, you'll be fine. Your grades are good! You're on the Honor Roll! If you screw-off for the rest of the year & do nothing you will fail. I know you won't do that. So calm down!!' Five sleepless nights later. Whew!

We're heading out to look at new cell phones today. My plan and that of the Princess will be up within the next week and King Turd wants us to pick the phones we want so he can order them online (cheaper).

I've been experiencing vertigo because my back is out of whack. It's better today. I'll be heading to the chiropractor tomorrow. Thank goodness it's not that Positional Vertigo that I had a few years back! That made me fall over & throw up! This just makes me tippy. So that's one of the reasons why you've just read a crappy post.

And that's what's been happening in 'our neck of the woods'. What's been up with you?

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!

PS:  While at the Mall I purchased a new Phiten band necklace - just this past week I had let the Lego King borrow mine and he lost it someplace.... *sigh* .... These necklaces have been the only thing (other than a chiro adjustment) that has helped with my vertigo.... King Turd thinks its psychosomatic... could be, but I know I feel better.... yeah! 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I say don't get the puppy! We are the same way with cats over here. We were up to 5 (fostering) and it took waaay too long to find a home for the foster kitten. Even four still feels like too many. Save your sanity.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Your mom sounds awesome doing all that cooking for you. Awwwwwwe....another dog! You are right. They only count as half a dog! Feel better and I hope the chiropractor can help! Cheers.

  3. Happy Birthday! What is codfish, anyway? Is it like our southern catfish or crappie? And, surely "gravy" was a typo... ~ I'll be watching for you on Animal Hoarders... LOL!!!!

  4. @Kerrye.... Animal Hoarders.... hahahahha!

    Codfish? Well, it's this salted/brined fish (not always but that's what we've always gotten) that you soak & change the water, repeat, repeat, repeat... until it's not salty anymore... then you make a white cream/butter gravy/sauce to go over it... What's southern catfish or crappie like?


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