Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Decluttering Theory

It's a miracle!!  *host of angels singing*  I can't believe it!  Something AMAZING has happened!  King Turd of Poop Mountain is actually decluttering his crap stuff!!!  Now, I do have to say that it did happen a couple of weeks ago and I just thought it was a fluke.  He had misplaced a package of guitar picks that he had bought for the Princess at Christmas.  It'd really been bugging him, so he tore apart the bedroom.  *ahem*  The room we BOTH stuff full of things when someone comes over or we don't know where else to put it.  So anyhoot, a couple of weeks ago he asks if we have a box he can put stuff into to get rid of it.  Do I?  Hot diggity dog, let me just trot my butt out to the 'ol 'Jam Room'* and get it for you!

*Jam Room - a room we jam everything into.  Also known as the 'back room'.

I'm not quite sure what has kicked him into gear.  Could it be my Decluttering Theory?  For quite awhile, I used to get angry & upset and feel that I was the only one who did anything around this stupid house to get rid of crap stuff.  And when I would specifically ask King Turd to help out, he'd put it off and it wouldn't get done.  Truthfully, I just wanted him to take care of HIS stuff.  Thinking that if HE took care of HIS stuff then the house would look oh so much better.  *ahem*  The problem is I needed to take care of MY stuff too.  So a little over a year ago I decided that I needed to make a change.  I couldn't stand the clutter anymore and the only one who could change was me.  I decided that I had to declutter MY stuff, take care of MY crap, get rid of MY excess.  I strongly believe that it's not good to get rid of King Turd's stuff for him (unless he says specifically to get rid of it), he needs to do that for himself.  So here's my Decluttering Theory:  If I work on myself and declutter only my stuff, eventually the only stuff left to declutter will be his stuff.  I won't fret about his stuff.  He'll have nothing to complain about because all that will be left will be his.  Once he sees this, he'll start to declutter his stuff too. 

Guess what?  It worked!!  Miracle of miracles!  Now, I am a looooong ways from getting everything done.  But I've really been trying to be consistent & do a little something right along.  A few weeks ago I decluttered the outside of the fridge.  It's stayed that way!  Then I decluttered the bottom of a little cupboard that holds all my candles - straightened it up so I can get to stuff easily.  Yesterday I decluttered the top of that little cupboard.  I got rid of tons of papers & little things that I didn't want or need anymore went into the trash, donate box or in a bag to give to friends.  I made a note of two things that I need to look for - one a basket for King Turd to put his 'pocket stuff' in when he comes home and one of those multi plug strip thingys for a charging station.  Today I cleaned off the top of the cupboard AND the top of the fridge.  I'm only 5'3", so what do I really care what it looks like up there?  The only problem is it was D-U-S-T-Y!  Every time you'd drag something down you'd get showered with dust.  So, it's fixed now - all clean.

This morning, BEFORE I had my coffee, King Turd says to me, he'd been thinking about cleaning off a certain junk filled shelf in our room.  He was thinking I might like to get some nice baskets to put there.  Really?  *Ahhhhhhh AHHHHHHHH!!*  (Are you hearing those angels singing again?) 

So, for all of you who don't feel that you're getting any help.  Forget it.  Just work on you.  All you can do is change you & YOUR attitude.  If you don't fret about the others in your household cleaning up their clutter & just lead by example - they WILL follow.  I believe that now.  I had complained for so long before and complaining didn't work, it just caused tensions.  So I decided NOT that I wouldn't care anymore (because I DO and DID care), I just wouldn't fret about it.

Have you checked your attitude?  Are you willing to test out the Decluttering Theory?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

PS.  Puppy update:  As much as I would love, love, love to get another baby, I think that we're going to stick with the three that we have.  Now I just have to figure out another present that I want... hmmmmm....

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  1. Now that really makes sense. I'm going to try it. I have one of those Jam Rooms too. It's my guest room. That's a good thing because I'm forced to at least relocate everything when people come to visit. Sometimes that involves decluttering too.


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