Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Project Down

One project down, a gazillion more to go.  Sometimes it seems that way anyhow.  The project that I've been working on is a new coat rack.  You saw the picture of the mess that was driving me nuts yesterday.  Today I'll show you the finished results.

We have a dollar store that I love here, it's called Real Deal.  It's not like any other dollar store that I've been to.  This has none of the same stuff, there is something new every time I go.  One time I went I found Stanley brand hardware, I picked up 4 coat hooks, obviously at $1 each.  They were chrome black, not the color I wanted but, I knew that I could paint them.

The coat hooks getting ready to be painted.

 I used a couple coats of gray primer.  Then 3 coats of the Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Love that color!

(I would show pics of the finished paint job, but the Lego King accidentally deleted them when he was taking pictures of his Lego creations)

 I found this really awesome wooden louvered door at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $3!!  The only problem was what to do with the big hole where the doorknob was.

Here's the solution I came up with.  I had this painted heavy metal heart just laying around that covered the hole.  So I just grabbed my Gorilla Glue & some clamps & stuck that baby right on there.

When that was done, I laid out my hardware & marked where I wanted it to go.  Then I pre-drilled the holes and attached the hardware.

This is where I will add that I went back to get 2 more coat hooks from Real Deal.  Ha.Ha.Ha.  I know better than to expect to find anymore.  So I stopped & Lowes & found 4 single hooks to match for a whoppin' $13!!  Those 4 single hooks cost more than the door AND the coat hooks!  Sheesh!

Here's the final product.  Because our house is a gazillion years old & they never put studs the standard width (16-24 inches) apart I used heavy-duty picture hooks that can be used in drywall.  They are similar to molly bolts in your wall.  They hold up to 100 lbs each & I used 2 of them.  I figured the weight of the door plus the weight of the coats it would need it.

So that's it!  My first posted DIY Project!  What do you think?

What was your first DIY Project?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. That looks great! What a good idea.

  2. Great job! I'm not much of a DIY'er... (you lost me when you brought out the clamps...)

  3. Awesome! Looks good - doesn't it feel great to get something crossed off the list?

  4. Impressive. You did a great job. Now I'm longing to do a DIY project.


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