Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Barbara's Day

So, today I took a personal day... for a good friend's funeral.  Her death was unexpected.... surprising.... sad...  But the very instant after I was sad for me, I was joyous for her... Because, I KNOW, without a doubt, that she is in heaven.... dancing in the Spirit of the Lord.  It was funny (no, not funny ha ha.... funny, odd) what the pastor said today during the service.  He said that in one instance she was taking her last breath her on earth.... her very next breath was in the welcoming arms of our Savior!!!  Never thought of it that way.  It's like traveling down a road with nothing to see & then turning the corner to see a beautiful vista.  So refreshing & overwhelming.  I can only imagine what it was like for her.

I'll miss her.... I considered her one of my best friends.  Truly, without her & her husband, my life & that of my 2 older kids would have been totally different.  With their help I was able to get out of a domestic violence relationship & have a life to live.  A place to live.  They helped me get a good lawyer.  One that took the needs of my kids & me seriously & helped us get the things we needed.  She & her husband offered support as I learned how to be a single mom of two young children - manage an old farm house on my own (those of you with houses over 175 years old know what I'm talking about).  They offered support when I met King T.... when we got married & when the Lego King was born.....

I was thinking of her just the other morning while I was making the bed.... there is a beautiful afghan on our bed that she crocheted for our wedding present.

I'm going to miss her.....

Love you Barbara!!

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!!

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