Saturday, December 10, 2011

She's a Super Freak....

She's a super freak.... super freak.... she's super freaky.... that's how I'm feeling about now.  I was thinkin' I had it all under control.  until I read Bigfoot's fiance's recent Facebook post (evil Facebook).  Now, I'm freaking out.... dang it!!  (ok... so it's slightly better after having a cup of Tension Tamer tea & 'getting over it')...

See... around here the Pre-Christmas Rules are 1.  Pass around your Christmas List  2.  Do NOT buy anything off your Christmas List for yourself during the month of December.   Bigfoot forgot to tell her the rules.  So... when they sorta broke the first rule and I had to ask for some ideas for Christmas they gave me only two.... Yep, two.... One was a Down Comforter and the other was a Gel Mattress Pad for their bed. Soooo... I ended up buying them both for them and I got them last week.  And today said fiance' went out & bought her own Mattress Pad & already stuck it on the bed.  Now I have to send the one I bought back.... hopefully. 

Now what do I get them?  I have only met her a few times.  I feel a little a lot out of the loop.  I feel dumb that I don't know what to get my son for Christmas... let alone his fiance' of one month.  Does that happen when some kids get older?  Especially boys?  It makes me sad.  Like I don't know him anymore.  I don't know.... They're coming over tomorrow to pick up her Birthday Card.  Her Birthday was Tuesday.  We'll talk then.

The other things that are freaking me out are just stupid things.  Like my To Do List:  This morning when I got up it had 26 things on it... things that I hope to accomplish this weekend. I have done 5.  *sigh*

I have really tried to make it a To Do List instead of a Project List.  A To Do List is stuff that can be accomplished in 1 step.  A Project List is something that takes more than 1 step.  Take the bathroom for instance.  A Project List would be 'Clean Entire Bathroom'.  A To Do List would be 1. Clean Toilet  2. Clean Shower  3. Clean Sink, etc.

I'm thinking that I'd like to be baking some cookies or something tomorrow when Bigfoot & Bigfootette get here tomorrow.  Possibly asking her if she'd like to help.  Do you think that would make me seem warm as a future Mother-In-Law?  She doesn't know me well enough to 'get' me joking with her... as most of my joking is sarcastic.... So I'm thinking that I'll have to do the 'nice' stuff until she gets to know me & I can joke with her.

Hopefully, the next time I chat with you all... I won't be a Super Freak.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. Love this. My oldest (step)son had a fiance last year, who broke it off right before Christmas. So the gifts I had already bought for her got returned too. Hoping that doesn't happen to you! I feel the same way about our oldest boys - no idea what they are into anymore... Good idea with the "nice" stuff. I need to remember that too when the time comes. (again) *wink*

  2. Thanks Kerrye! That makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only Mom out there who's at a loss.

  3. I love the project vs to do list thing. I do that too to help me feel momentum with "projects" :)

  4. I think it's somewhat natural that "boys leave their mothers" as much as we cling to their legs begging them not to go.

    Baking cookies with her seems like a good idea. Unless you joke with her that you're on baking with her because she's just cheap labor and she leaves her house in a huff :)

    As far as the gift, I'd give her the present and the receipt. Let her deal with the return since it was on her list. Last year for Christmas I gave my son's girlfriend of 3 years a Nook, shortly after Christmas she broke up her him. Every time I see her I'm slightly tempted to ask for my Nook back!

    Take a cleansing breath and have another cuppa a tea.


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