Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time for a Toxic Dump

It doesn't seem possible that the New Year is just a few days away.  This past year has seemed to fly by.  I felt that this past year has been one of the best in a long time.  I don't know if I can contribute it to one thing or to a combination of different things.  I am grateful for many things this year.

Spending time with family for one.  It's been different - not having Bigfoot around as much.  Not having him depend on us so much.  He has is own job.... life... he turned 21... got engaged....  He doesn't talk to me as much as he used to, which is sad.  But I also know that that's part of him growing up & moving on.  I thought it would be really sad this first Christmas not to have him waking up under our roof.  But it wasn't.  It was quieter.  The Lego King received the long awaited Lego train with power functions.... and the Princess was surprised with an electric guitar.

The other thing that has changed for me this year is my attitude.  It's been a long time coming I think.  Not taking things so personally, not being offended by people's opinions.  Not really caring so much that they have a different opinion.  I've been getting rid of those 'toxic' things in my life.  A toxic dump - literally & figuratively.  THAT may be the most significant change I think.  In the literal sense I've been getting rid of toxic people in my life.  I've been leaving behind relationships that cause me pain & heartache.  I've made a conscious choice to NOT involve myself in family arguments or those of friends that don't involve me - even though others have tried to suck me in.  "What do YOU think?"  "Didn't so & so do that to you too?"  "I think that so & so should have this or that happen to them.  Don't you?" ..... gossip, gossip, gossip..... and believe me I love gossip along with the best of them.... however, I have been really trying to just listen & let it drop with me.... instead of passing it along to someone else.

Figuratively, I've been doing a toxic dump with stuff.... I've been decluttering throughout the year & have continued to fill the 'Donate Box' as I've gone along.  Some weeks it's been filled faster than others.  I've been getting rid of stuff that I don't need, don't use, don't want, don't like.  As I've been getting rid of things, I've been really looking at them & thinking about the memories that they bring.  For instance, I had this Christmas ornament that was an old fashioned sled - you know the kind with metal runners.  I loved it!  It was just the kind of ornament that was right up my alley.  However, it was given to my ex-husband & me as a wedding present from his mother's best friend.  So every time I saw that ornament, I thought of him & our marriage.  Toxic thoughts - sadness, anger, resentment.  So, I decided that I didn't want to have those thoughts.  I didn't want to waste time in my brain thinking those toxic thoughts.  Even though I liked the ornament, I donated it.  I decided that I liked NOT having toxic thoughts better than seeing that ornament.  Thinking about stuff like that has helped me declutter, when I have had trouble deciding about something.

I'm grateful that this year has brought many blessings.  And that the level of toxicity has decreased.  I'm looking forward to a New Year with an even greater Toxic Dump!

How about you?  What will be in your Toxic Dump at the end of 2012?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

PS:  I'm trying out a 'Blog Hop' .... let me know what you think...


  1. Hello friend :) !
    Just had to pop over here and say Hi, be back soon.

  2. You are no dork.....I did the same thing. Well maybe we are both dorks! LOL

  3. Declutter..It feels so good. and no you are not a dork. Thank you for sharing the hop with your readers and Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop at Katherines corner xo

  4. Good for you on getting rid of those toxic feelings. This year has been really crazy for us with family drama and I too have chosen to not respond to it. It's been difficult, I feel like I'm cutting people out of my life, but it is such an emotional drain and not good for my husband or kids.

    I hope you and your family have a fantastic New Year and that 2012 brings you more positive changes :)

  5. Thank you for stopping by and a huge THANKS for including me on your hop! :) Toxic thoughts can come for so many different places and people. It's great that you have chosen to block them from your life! Happy New Year!


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