Monday, February 6, 2012


Holy Cow!!  Where did last week go?  Whoosh! 

One of the things that made it wacky was that King Turd of Poop Mountain had back to back runs that he was given, so instead of being home on Thursday (He left on Tuesday night), he wasn't supposed to be home until Saturday morning.  Then his dispatcher changed his mind & brought him home on Friday.  What is it about having a man home at a different time than what was originally planned that just throws a wrench into things?  Not that I ever mind him being home... it's just that it's different & seems to make things 'off'.

I had a ton of laundry that was lining the floor of the bathroom (where our washer & dryer are) that I was trying to catch up on.  I've continued to declutter.  Making small, but forward progress.  I've been thinking about things that need to be done around here, in terms of decluttering and have made a few decisions.  One is that when I get upstairs (back to the hallway again) to the big bookshelf, all but favorite children's books will go.  Ones that haven't been read or the Lego King doesn't seem to be interested in will go.  In the Jam Room (aka backroom) I think the best way to tackle that is to do one shelf area at a time.  Similar to how I worked on the shelf/cupboard area in the kitchen.  I've also made a decision about my air-walker, I bought it years ago after getting rid of my stationary bike (fearing that the Lego King would chop his fingers off in the flywheel).  Without guilt, it's going.  I did a little research & bought another good stationary bike.  I KNOW I will use the bike, it's more compact & I can move it easily.  Besides, we ride bikes during the summer so this should help me not die on the first few bike rides.

This was the second weekend in a row that I can remember in a long, long, long time that I have watched a whole football game.  I actually enjoyed it (shhh!  Don't tell King Turd or the Princess - they're the actual football fans around here).  I was rooting for the Giants and it was fun to see them win.

I'm not sure whether the spring-like weather has caused this week to fly by or what.  It's been warmer than normal I love this weather in New York!  I could live with winters like this all the time!  Maybe I have Spring Fever?

How about you?  Are the weeks 'whooshing' by for you too?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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