Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ta Daaaa!

Well, I did it.  I finished another project that has been on hold since August or September.  Not because I wanted it to be, mind you.  I just couldn't find the 'parts' that I needed.  I had been looking at different organizing blogs & pictures on Pinterest about how to organize spice cabinets.  At our house we take a lot of natural herbs & vitamins and there were tons of bottles all over the counter.  So I asked my mother if she could please look for a wall mounted spice rack (my mom is an awesome garage saler - she finds the best deals!), she ended up finding this one:

Herbs & Vitamin Rack
I loved that it got some of the stuff up off the counter.  The problem was that not ALL of it was off the counter which still left it looking cluttered & a mess.  So, I started looking for solutions.  I found some amazing spice cabinets & storage options.  I really thought about those tins that have magnets on the bottom & I really liked that idea, but I didn't want to start all over again.  I really liked the spice rack, but it needed to work better for our family.  Monday, the Princess & I went to Bed Bath & Beyond & found empty spice containers (finally) that would work for us.  (BTW, I did find those little tins at Michael's in the wedding section $24 for a set of 30)  So, with a little bit of scrapbook paper, my round punch & some rub-ons this is what I came up with:

New containers & labels for my Herbs & Vitamins.

Refillable bottles
I put what didn't fit in the bottles with our other herbs & natural remedies, I will fill them as they empty.  Now, I do have to say this is NOT for everyone, especially those with small children (although all of our herbs & supplements DID NOT have child proof caps, anyhow).  These bottles DO NOT have child proof caps.  My children are 11 & older, and we rarely have children that are younger here, when they are, they're supervised at all times.

Labels & general dispensing info
 I thoroughly washed & dried the bottles & lids.  Then lightly roughed up the top of the lid with a scrubbie so that the double sided sticky stuff would stick.  Using my handy-dandy round punch, I punched out circles, added the big rub on letter, & then finished up with writing the rest of the words & basic dispensing info on the top.  I also used my handy-dandy label maker to put exactly what the 'official' brand name of the herb was & other info that would be needed to replace or for overdose information and put that on the side of the bottle.

So there you have it!  More of my Big Plans completed!

Have you had any 'Ta Daaa' moments this week?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. I love this idea! It looks like a piece of art!

  2. OMG!!!! That looks awesome. It looks so clean and organized. GOOD JOB!

  3. I LOVE this! I have the same issue with vitamin & pill bottles on my kitchen counter. Way to think outside the box!! (By the way, you have been "pinned" on Pinterest... (Kerrye Dawson)

  4. Love this but certain vitamins can lose potency when exposed to sunlight. This is a great storage idea but make sure vitamins are stored in opaque containers to ensure they retain their effectiveness.

  5. Goodness! You went viral on Pinterest! After just 2 hours my pin has been "liked" 9 times and "repinned" 20 times! (I bet you could just add a rolled piece of black paper in there to block the light...)

  6. This is awesome!!! It looks so cool!

  7. Wow!!! Thanks Kerrye!! I do know that vitamins can lose potency, I had originally tried finding cobalt blue bottles, but no such luck. Probably a better option would be to just put out a week or so that I need & then replenish. Instead of filling the bottle. Thanks for the advice!


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