Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baa Baa Blacksheep...

Three bags full, three bags full!!  Ok, so it's NOT full of wool, but it is full of donations!  

This afternoon, in my declutter frenzy I sorted sheets & pillowcases & blankets & quilts & afghans.... oh, you get the drill.... Since we live in the backwoods of the frigid north we have summer sheets & winter sheets.  And we also have summer blankets/quilts & winter blankets/quilts. The children have finally decided that they would bring ALL of their winter bedding down.... THE WEEK BEFORE CAMP!!!  Hello?  What is wrong with these children?  Don't they know I have to get ALL of the laundry done before we go?   'Cause I'm the anal one about the laundry.... I don't want stinky, mildewy laundry when we get back from camp, on top of stinky, mildewy camp laundry!!  Gross!

So anyhow.... back to sorting.... I put all of the sets together (which I try to do normally, but it all went by the wayside this winter - I don't know why).  Then I put them in those Space Bags....  Again, something I thought was incredibly dorky... but it works like a charm.... I have an old camel-back trunk that came over from Scotland with my great-grandmother, when I was 16 my parents had it restored for me for Christmas... I sucked 6 bags flat & put them in there - you won't believe what's in there.... I've just gotta tell ya.... 1 King-sized polar-fleece blanket, 1 Queen-sized quilt, 1 Queen-sized, hand crocheted afghan, 1 Queen-sized set of flannel sheets, 3 Twin-sized sets of polar-fleece sheets, 3 Twin-sized sets of flannel sheets, 2 Twin-sized fitted flannel sheets, 1 Twin-sized flat flannel sheet and 5 random flannel pillowcases!!  ALL of that plus a zippered bag (I reuse the zippered bags sheets or bed sets come in) with 3 sets of my living room curtains and another zippered bag with linen memorabilia from when I was a foreign exchange student.   THAT people is ALOT of crap bedding AND it all fit in that old trunk! 

In the meantime, I had to declutter that trunk & get rid of some of the bedding we don't use anymore.  I got rid of doilies - I have no idea who made half of them or where they came from.  And lace curtains that I couldn't even remember putting on my windows.  But I must've, right?  Otherwise why would I have them.  Gone! Gone! Gone!  Three bags full!

The other thing I did today was to take all of my organizing baskets upstairs to my craft room.  Not that I really wanted them up there, but they were starting to pile up and get out of control.  I have enough trouble with clutter stuff getting out of control - I don't need containers to add to the problem - they're supposed to help.

So how many bags full are you getting rid of, sheep?

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!

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