Monday, June 27, 2011

We're all together again...

Remember that song?  We're all together again, we're here, we're here!  We're all together again, we're here, we're here.... etc.... For our immediate & extended families that's the song we seem to be singing all summer long.  In fact, King Turd says that he can't figure out why my family even has a family reunion..... we're going to see each other in the grocery store on Monday, anyhow! 

This past weekend we just went to a 'Pig-Out' at my BIL & SIL's house.  Last year two of my BILs got together & built this HUGE cooker on wheels.  It has big industrial size propane burners for cooking potatoes & beans & such.  Then behind that is a propane grill to cook smaller meats & veggies.  AND THEN BEHIND THAT is a huge smoker/grill that you can cook a whole pig in.  I have to tell you these boys (there are 5 in my husband's family) know how to cook.  YUMMY!  There was enough food for thrashers, at least 3 4'x8' plywood sheets on sawhorses filled, FILLED with salads, breads & jellos & meats & rolls & pickles.  Before that they had snacks and AFTER that they had it filled with desserts!! 

Anyhoot.... where was I?..... oh yeah, family..... Not only did we come (my BIL/husband's side of the family) but my SIL's family came.... both sides.... Her father's family - including, aunts, uncles & cousins AND her mother's family - also including aunts, uncles & cousins.  A gazillion kids!  They get together at least once a month, if not more.  MY family gets together only for bigger holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter) and once during the summer for our Family Reunion.

It amazes me about family.  How at times we can really do without them putting their noses in our business.  Then at other times we can't live without them & are so thankful they're here.  Take this weekend for example.  King Turd went out to start our camper (which he usually does at least once a week when we aren't camping) and it wouldn't start.  So while at the 'Pig-Out' he was talking to his brothers about why it wouldn't start.  They decided that it was the alternator (the thingy that recharges the battery as you use it) and that he could run it down to some auto parts place & have the diagnostics (hooking it up to some machine thingy that tells you what is messing up) checked.  Yep, they were right - it was the alternator.  Long story short.... BIL says bring it over I'll fix it....  THANK YOU FAMILY!!!

This afternoon, my mother is taking my SIL & niece to the airport to catch a plane for a 'girl trip'.  My nephew didn't want to go & decided to stay home.  Well.... this leaves him unsupervised for an hour until my brother gets home from work.  My mother asked that I check up on him & give him a call (we live just around the corner) to check up on him.  He's old enough to be left alone for short periods of time, but she's worried - so I'll call to check.... THANK YOU FAMILY!!!

Around noon today Bigfoot stopped over.... And he pulled his car around towards the back of the house.... He thinks he blew a head gasket or cracked the head (the gasket thingy is like a seal between the top of the engine - the head - and the middle part of the engine - the block)  So he asked if I could give him a ride to & from work.... THANK YOU FAMILY!!!

It's strange to watch how other families interact.  How things that are 'normal' to our family are not the same to others & vice versa.  Recently I attended a funeral & the oldest daughter did not attend.  Her father & siblings were fine with it.... She didn't want to come up with her young children in tow (she has 9) and she didn't want to leave them there.  It was odd to me.... but 'normal' to their family.... To each his own.... everyone supports (or doesn't support) family members in their own way..... THANK YOU FAMILY!!!

What are you doing this summer that will make you sing 'We're all together again, we're here, we're here......?

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!

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