Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nuthin'

I have big plans for the summer.  I'm like one of those little kids who spend their whole school year plannin' what they'll be doin' the first day of summer... 'Swimmin' in the creek, ridin' bikes, buildin' that fort in the oak tree, fishin', playin' with their best friend, sleepin' under the stars, ice cream, watermelon & sweet corn, hot dogs & baseball games in the dust.... ahhhh the thrill of plannin' it all....

Then the first day of summer comes & you find them getting up at 10:00, eating Sugar Smaks in front of the boob-tube watchin' cartoons.....allllllllll day! 

Ok, so I didn't sleep until 10... but I did sleep in until 7:30.  My alarm is set for 7:00.  My excuse is that Bigfoot stopped by last night & stayed FOR-EVER!!!!  So I get my jammies on & tell him, I'm tired... you can lock up when you leave... the reply is 'I'm goin', Mom!.... I'm goin'!! 

The reason why he was here was because his car died & he parked it in our driveway (either a blown gasket or a cracked head)  It's an ancient old thing that was given to him for his graduation present last year from his Grandmother (on his father's side).  It's a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria - it's as old as him... lol  It was his grandfather's car before he passed away and had been sitting in the garage for the past 9+ years waiting for Bigfoot to get his license.  Anyhow, for the past couple of days it's back to being 'Mom's Taxi Service - Always reliable - Always Available - And Oh So Reasonably Priced!'

I took him to work (noon-8:30 p.m. shift) and I'll have to go back & pick him up tonight.  I'm downtown, so I might as well run some errands - the 1st Bank (in the grocery store), Staples, Drop Bigfoot off to work, Church Consignment Shop & 2nd Bank, WallyWorld, BJ's for gas, The Salvation Army, then home. 

Sooooo, all the stuff on my To Do List?..... I did 1 thing on it today.  ONE!!!  How is THAT going to get my house organized this summer?  Dang, today was a whole lot of nuthin'

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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