Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bad Mom 101

Feelin' hot, hot, hot.... feelin' hot, hot, hot!!!  A scorcher today.....  I decided to be a bad mom, in terms of making dinner.....

Previous conversation with King Turd of Poop Mountain....

KT:  Strawberry shortcake isn't dinner!  It's dessert.
me:  No, it's not.  If you serve it for dinner it's dinner.
KT:  You can't feed them (ie. kids) that!  They need to have a good dinner.
me:  Strawberry shortcake is good!  Listen, I've raised Bigfoot & The Princess to this age & they're not dead yet!  And they've had strawberry shortcake and popcorn and ice cream for dinner!
KT:  You're a lost cause.  No sense in arguing with you, you're gonna do what you want anyway.

Yeah, yeah... the whiner!  He's just sad that HIS mother didn't give him strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Soooo, tonight, I will teach you Bad Mom 101!

1.  Buy all the ingredients for Banana Splits.
2.  Serve in big bowls for dinner.
3.  Bask in adoration from your children.

PS.  Children DO survive strawberry shortcake, popcorn & ice cream for dinner.  And no, I did not give this to them all at the same time. 

NOTE:  No children were harmed in the feeding of calorie filled junk food.

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. My kids love when we do something "different" at dinner. Like eat breakfast for dinner or have a backwards dinner (dessert first) or just eat dinner picnic style in the living room. I'm such your kids enjoyed the shortcake!

  2. My kids go crazy when I serve pancakes for dinner. Especially if they've got blueberries and raspberries cooked into them. But holy cow, banana splits sounds AWESOME.


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