Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in the Saddle...again

Well I'm back in the saddle agaaaiiinnnn... (can't you just here Gene Autry singin' away?... No?... maybe it's just me then).  That's what I was really hoping to be singing today.... a lot..... at least a lot more than I did.... I was hoping to get back in the swing of decluttering.  Last week was chaotic with the yard sale (We did pretty good, I was VERY surprised) & not much nothing in the way of 'keeping house' was done around here.  Now it's a last minute rush before school starts next week.

I did vacuum the rugs.... yup... I vacuumed the rugs.... woo hoo for me!  Ok, so sometime before I go to bed, I'll throw a load of laundry in and I'll empty the dishwasher & load it.  Oh wait... I DID take the trailer with all the yard sale trash to the dump, I forgot.  THAT is something!!  AND I stopped & got a permit for the pool to be put in.  Yesterday at my family reunion, my Uncle told me that if I didn't, they might make me take it down & THEN put it back up AFTER I got the permit.... so, to avoid that scenario I decided I'd best get a permit first... So there, I guess I did three things today that were on my list.... Did I tell you we were given a pool?  Our wonderful, former neighbors, GAVE us their pool!  We had a guy come last week & check to see if it was ok to move.  Yep!!  Woo hoo, can't wait!

The Princess, the Lego King & I did go to the library & spend a good hour or two there.  This month some of our local libraries are displaying memorabilia from 9/11.  The piece that is at our local library is an aluminum piece of facade.  It's twisted and scratched & it still has dirt/cement dust clinging to it.  It evokes such strong memories.  I wanted to reach out & touch it, but it would have been like touching something sacred.  I wanted to see if it felt cold or warm.  I wanted to know if a shock would run through my body - knowing all of those people died touching this piece of architecture.  I wanted to sob again for them, for the people still living, for their loss.  For America's loss.  It's funny, how my life changed that day - how my safety was shattered.  I haven't ever felt the same.  I remember how quiet our world got.  Seriously.  No planes flying - no sounds in the air.  I believe that that silence was a once in a lifetime experience.  One that I stopped & truly listened to.

It seems funny - funny strange, not funny ha ha - to carry on, ten years later, still moving forward, living, decluttering, having yard sales, getting ready for school.  And then there's the day when it seemed like the earth stopped.  The kids were watching cartoons & King Turd called me & said 'Some jerk just flew into one of the Twin Towers!'  I can remember switching to the Today Show & Katie Couric was reporting live from the studio - watching live footage of the crash, when we watched the second plane hit the other tower.  The stunned look on her face & in that instant knowing that it was deliberate & not just a random accident.  I can remember saying to King Turd.  "Oh my God, oh my God!  Another plane just hit the second tower.  We're under attack!!  I could not wait for him to come home that night to hold him.  I remember hugging the kids & then asking the them to please play in their room that day.

Do you remember what you were doing on that tragic day?  Is your life 'normal' once again?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. I was sitting at work when my friend says "Oh my gosh, a small plane just hit the World Trade Center". In my head I pictured a small Piper Cub type plane with a couple of people, I felt so bad for them. Once the second plane hit and we realized what was happening it was completely unreal. That morning we stayed glued to our computers watching as the plane crashed into the Pentagon and waiting for the other missing plane to show up. The feeling of not knowing what was happening and what was coming next was unbelievable. Not knowing what was going on with co-workers in New York and their family was scary, fortunately everyone we knew was safe. All I wanted to do was to get home and be with my family.

    Even though our lives are forever changed (just look at how much we've given up in the way of privacy) I think a lot of us have gone back to our old ways. The lessons that history gives us are always bound to be forgotten and repeated generation after generation. I would say that every time I get on a plane now I survey my fellow plane mates and think about how I would protect/defend my family and what lengths I would go to if I saw someone suspicious on the plane.

    Good post - thanks for getting the discussion started.

  2. King Turd?

    I was substitute teaching that day. Oy, what a day for those kids not to have their teacher. My husband Scott was in Vegas and had to take the grayhound back to VA. It was crazy.


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