Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Livin' High on the Hog!

Recently, I've been feeling like we've been living 'high on the hog'!  It's a cross between having everything die at once, awesome Opportunities, Emergency Savings and a little Disposable Income.

This past fall we got a new-to-us-Motor Home/RV/Camper that my Aunt wanted to sell (Thanks, Aunt Gail!).  It's something that King Turd of Poop Mountain always wanted to have and we got it at less than half of it's Blue Book value! (Opportunity + Disposable Income).

Then we got a new kitchen stove when we found out our oven had a gas leak.  Not because we wanted to, but you know, we didn't want to blow up.  I know - we're weird like that. (Emergency Savings)

We've gotten a bunch of little things - things that make my life easier, nicer, prettier... Things like the new apothecary cabinet for the bathroom (Opportunity + Disposable Income) - Found it at the VOA for $50 - a steal! 

Our kitchen faucet started leaking so we had to get a new one.  We decided that we liked the sprayer in the faucet itself (because over time, the one that is separate leaks back down under your sink - ask me how I know).  The thing is, if we got that we couldn't put our water filter back on the faucet.  Sooooo, we got a water filtration system + the cute little faucet that we get water out of now.  (Emergency Savings)

We've had to replace lights - over the kitchen sink - they're halogen & they've dried out the little clippy things (we didn't want to catch fire - I know, weird) - so I wanted to replace the lights only - but they've since changed the channel-track thingy that they clip into & I had to buy a whole new light unit.  (Emergency Savings)

Two new hanging lights in the kitchen (over the stove & over the table)  Two glass shades at the Salvation Army for $2.99 (they're $17 @ Lowe's), 2 pendant lights $5 each on clearance @ Lowe's (regularly $16) and 2 swag kits $12 each.  Two new lights for $40!!  That's a $50 savings!! Yeah me!  (Opportunity + Disposable Income)

We just took a trip to North Carolina to pick up Willy.  It would have been cheaper to have him transported up here than taking a trip down there.  However, that was our part of our family vacation (the first was going camping at an Amusement/Water Park over 4th of July).  We saw parts of the country that none of us had seen before PLUS we adopted another rescue.  (Totally ALL Disposable Income) 

We can't forget the medical bills for poor Ozzy (upwards of $1000), our Jack Russell who ended up having a rare form of cancer this past fall.  Then our rescue adoption of Jill - our Mountain Feist.  (Thank God for Disposable Income!!)

We've got our winter's supply of wood pellets (Opportunity + Savings)  Got a reeeeallly great deal at Lowe's.  We were looking at $250 a ton for wood pellets.... Anyhoot.... happened to be at Lowe's & their pellets were on sale for $197 a ton!!!  We haven't seen that price in about 4 years!  Ka-ching!!!

Thennnnn, if that's not all enough..... we're having our shower re-done.  They're coming next week.  We're having the tub/shower removed & putting a big walk-in shower in.  One of those in & out in one day type of deals.  It was more than what I really wanted to pay - but again, King Turd really wanted it (he makes the bulk of the money & pays the bills) and he felt it was worth it (Savings). 

I happened to be at a local plumbing & heating supply store (that has this wonderful outlet center) just before we left for NC & saw this bead board that you put along the bottom of the wall.... for $2.88 a sheet!  For $30 I could re-do the bathroom.  I found a $5 oops paint color that I love at Value Home Center a month or so ago.  So I think I'm going to run & grab enough to do the bathroom.  (Opportunity + Disposable Income)

And finally - we were given a pool.... Yup!!  The guy is supposed to come today to see if it's worth it to move it.  If it is, it would be $1000 to have them take it down from where it currently lives & set it back up here at our house.  A new pool of the same size would be about $4000.  (Opportunity + Disposable Income).

It's weird.  To have all this money... for years & years my ex only gave me $40-$60 a month to feed & manage a household of 4 (The Princess was a baby at the time & still in diapers. That amount was for my gas & any incidentals that I might need to purchase).  Then, after he left, we lived off of Child Support & Alimony, which was not steady - so I paid ALL the bills I could, WHEN I could. 

Fast forward 15 years, new husband better life, me working - my income is, as King Turd says, 'Gravy'.... It's the topping on the cake, the best part.... the Disposable Income.... the pretties, the nice, the extras.... I am so blessed to come across or be offered Opportunities, to have Disposable Income and a most of all a wonderful, husband who saves for those Emergencies.

My life is SO different.  It's amazing how things change so very, very much.  To go from barely scraping by to Livin' High on the Hog! 

What makes your life 'High on the Hog'?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. The best part... is that you have a beautiful attitude of gratitude. :O)

  2. Now you just need a camera, so we can see pictures of Willy, and your new RV, and maybe this bathroom DIY project! (yeah, people say I'm nosey...)


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