Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Tattling Allowed

There is absolutely NO TATTLING ALLOWED around here... especially about me.... especially to my mother (You know, Nana-next-door)!

Back in March we adopted a rescue dog we named, Jill, from Silver Linings for Pit Bulls, through them we met one of her foster moms, Aimee, down in North Carolina.  So Aimee likes to keep up on her 'babies' and see how they are doing.  This girl, is amazing!  She fosters TONS of animals - she has a whole herd of critters in her little 1000 sq. ft house!!

So anyhoot, Aimee sends me these pics of cute little 'pocket dogs' - little Chihuahuas (pronounced Chi - hoo-a-hoo-a..... at least around here... lol).  Me, being the all knowing mom that I am, knows that The Lego King would flip for a little 'pocket dog', and I tell her so.  I also stated that King Turd of Poop Mountain would KILL me if I brought one dog, let alone two into our house (KTPM: "If you bring one more animal into this house, someone has to LEAVE!").... Aimee, being the smarty-pants that she is, tells me that she's fostering a mama Chi & her three babies... then THAT. GIRL. SENDS. ME. A. VIDEO.!!

Awwwww, they are so CUTE!  I love 'em!  She has one black baby & two tan babies.  So in this one video, Tito (the black baby) is attacking this rug.  He's about as 'big as a minute'.  It was so cute, so I showed King Turd and he says.... get this.... 'Tell her we want him!'..... What?  What did he just say?...

Oh my goodness..... we're in the process, hopefully... of adopting, Tito..... My mother is going to pitch a fit.... 'cause she's that type of mother....So, IMA ask you all for a favor m'kay?.... don't tell her... DON'T tattle on me....  You know that saying?  "It's better to ask forgiveness, than to ask permission."?  Yeah, well that's my motto....

I know, I know!!!  I know I'm almost 50 years old (SHUT UP!!! I mean it!!  Stop snickering!)... but she's MY MOTHER!!!  And she, you know, lives next door!  It truly wasn't bad until she retired....

Don't be a tattle-tale!!

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. Last year my husband wanted to bring a second dog into our house. I told him that he could have a second dog or he could have me, which did he prefer? Guess what, we have the second dog and I am still living in the house. I guess I'm just an old softie, plus my husband traded his second tattoo (which I had already agreed to but wasn't really digging) for the dog. Anna (the dog) really is a cutie and I'm glad we've got her, but don't tell my husband. That will be our secret :) Good luck with your 'adoption', I hope it works out.

  2. Oh, how sweet. You're going to have a little doggie for your pocket. I want to see pictures.

  3. I am so happy for you. I will be 3 weeks away from my little Landon (jack russell mix), but am happy spoiling my new adopted grandpuppy, rescued greyhound Bristol. I am here in the South where it is hot and humid. Something I am really not used to living in Northern Coastal California where we all complain if it hits 70!


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