Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to the Family!

We're home again after our whirlwind tour of North Carolina.  Ashville, that is.  And if you have to get realllly specific, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.  We went there to adopt our newest family member, currently his name is Tito, but we're not sure that's the one that will stick with him.
He's an 8 wk old, Chihuahua baby.  His two sisters, Willow & Wren,  are looking for homes too (if you're interested).

We had originally planned to leave on Saturday morning, but we took off on Friday instead.  Bigfoot & his girlfriend stayed & watched Jack & Jill and Stubby.  We got back around 9:30 last night.  Like I said, a whirlwind tour.

King Turd of Poop Mountain and I have been busy cleaning up, doing up dishes, laundry & vacuuming... funny how Bigfoot STILL doesn't do chores... I'm stunned (are ya gettin' the sarcasm here?).

Anyhoot.... everyone seems to be settling in.  Jill is a little rough.  I think she just wants to play and doesn't realize her own strength.  Jack isn't quite sure of him yet.  Although in time I'm sure he'll bask in the adoration that he's receiving.  For the time being, everyone has their own spot with 'Daddy'.
From left to right:  Jill, Tito & Jack.

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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  1. What a gorgeous face! Congratulations on your newest baby.

    Good luck. *Sigh* We've just hit the one year mark on our baby girls and thank God, the light is here. Puppies are such work. I need to remember that the next time a cute puppy face tries to seduce me.


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