Monday, May 16, 2011

Where's the Spring Weather?

I've been freezing all day!  Yesterday I was sick - for some odd reason POOF! I'd changed into a sick, achy Mama.  I was fine, just sittin' there drinkin' my coffee... The amazing thing was that the Lego King came in & rubbed my back & took my glasses off, got me a cool washcloth & hollered at King Turd (who doesn't do vomit without adding some of his own) to get me a glass of water.  Such a good boy!  Anyhow, I stayed home today & slept a little later and I feel better.  Off to school tomorrow.

I decided that I'd make Chicken Noodle Soup.... then decided I'd do Chicken & Rice.... that's what's cookin' right now & it smells sooooooo yummy!  I had a bag of Wild  & White Rice mix so I added that.  Then I decided that it didn't look like enough rice.  So I added 2 packages of Rice-a-Roni Wild Rice mix.  Doesn't taste half bad.  The Princess helped debone the chicken while I cut up the veggies.  King T. got a baguette to go with the soup while he was out earlier.

Hopefully this will help warm us up from the inside out.  Started the pellet stove in the living room.  After dinner it'll be time for homework & watching the DVR'd Survivor finale.... Shhhhh!!!  Don't ruin it for me!

Bye! Love ya!!  Have a good day, Dear!

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