Monday, May 23, 2011

Math?!!! Awww, Mom!!! aka Groan, whine, complain

Tell me, Would. You. PLEASE. Why, why, why, do I have someone who whines so much about correcting homework?  Especially MATH homework?  It's not like I teach Math or anything! Am I wrong?  Aren't you supposed to check over your kids homework?  Don't they want good grades? Isn't looking over homework what responsible parents do?  Especially of Elementary school kids?  I mean, once they get to High School & upper Middle School years, unless they asked for  help, I don't help.  Or if I got an email or call from their teacher(s) then I butt my nose in.  Sheesh!!! 

All of this whining, just because he needs a Lego fix.  He's such a Lego junkie.  He's working on a project, trying to duplicate old sets that Bigfoot used to have.  He's found instructions for old Lego sets & as well as current ones on this site called Brickfactory,  And since I haven't figured out how to link the word Brickfactory to the actual site yet, here's the site address all spelled out for ya.

In a way, I wish I could go back to homeschooling.  I loved doing it.  My kids loved it. There was no homework.  You didn't leave the table until your schoolwork was done.  Albeit 15 minutes or 15 hours!  But, circumstances change and times must change and things move forward & on.  So we struggle through this ongoing homework glitch in order to have play time & Lego fixes.  And I know that this too shall pass. With about as much enjoyment as a gall stone!

Bye! Love you! Have a good day, Dear!

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