Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Flowers

After school today, The Princess and I went to two local greenhouses & got flowers & a few veggie plants.

I decided after seeing some colors in a magazine that I wanted purple & light lemon yellow.  I got petunias & pansies, marigolds & some vinca vine.  I got 1 cherry tomato plant & some zucchini seeds.  The Princess bought some flowers too (don't ask me where she's planning on planting them (maybe by the mailbox - which by the way got smacked today & knocked all wonky - grrr!).  We have a couple of smaller pots out on the back patio & I think that's where we'll put the veggies.  I know, I know, we have almost 3 acres & I could just do a garden.  And believe me, I've tried - I have a brown thumb.  Years ago - when the kids were small I did it.  I also was a stay-at-home mom at the time and could devote all day to canning tomatoes & stuff.  Harvesting all the veggies when I could between doing other things.  Oh well, a season for everything, literally & figuratively.

Tonight was McCare night for our local Elementary Schools.  Teacher's and Administration serve at our local McDonald's between 5:00 & 8:00 and part of the proceeds goes to our schools.  We went through the drive-thru & were served by one of our principals.  :-)

After dinner, King Turd with the help of The Princess reattached my deck boxes for my flowers.  I have to find that gel stuff that you mix with the soil to hold water.  I have some & you only need a small amount.  What it does is it's a gel that acts like a sponge & soaks up water & releases it back into the soil as it dries out.  It's great for two reasons: #1.  The deck boxes are that meshy-burlapy-woven stuff that dry out quickly.  #2  I have a tendency to forget to water things (see reference to brown thumb above).  So this is really great for me!

Hope you're having fun planting your May Flowers!

Bye!  Love you!!  Have a good day, Dear!!

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