Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drivel & Twaddle

Why on earth do I do that?  That post I wrote yesterday..... pah!!!  Drivel & Twaddle!!!  I went back later & read it..... can you say  B O R I N G!!  Who wants to read that crap?  Which brings me to my next question... am I THAT boring?  Do I drone on & on about nothing?  Am I just plain Vanilla in a Chocolate-Brownie-Fudge-Ripple world?  I hope not.

I find my life rather fun - not necessarily exciting all the time.  Crazy & fun is our typical family life.  At least it is to me.  I'll try not to do that again.  Shorter, sweeter, funnier, crazier posts are ahead .... maybe.....

I should have told you about getting cornered in Walmart by this odd gentleman yesterday.  I was sitting in the Subway, eating my lunch (we have a Subway in our Walmart).  This older gentleman & his wife were just finishing up & getting ready to ride their scooters off.  So, being me, when he looked up I politely said 'Hello' and went back to my sandwich.  What's he do?  He toddles over to me & SITS down IN my booth (with his wife's purse - because she had to use the bathroom & it would take her awhile = 700 gazillion scuffles to move 2 feet).  So she hollers as she's leavin' 'Don't go anywhere!' Like that could happen...

He says he wants to tell me 'his story'.... truly, I wasn't trying to be rude & NOT listen (I mean, the dude is sitting right across from my lunch - he even pushed part of it out of the way!!!), it's just that I couldn't even figure out what 'his story' was about!!  Then he says 'Ya got a pen?  Let me give you my phone number!'  Really? Really?  WTH!!!  So, being brought up to respect my elders (curse you Mom & Dad!), I hand him a pen & a piece of paper.  He writes on that & then also gives me a coffee discount card -from someplace I've never heard of-that he's decided to put his website down on.  So now I have two things that he's telling me I have to look up.  Finally, after ages go by his wife scuffles back.  He hops up & toddles back to his scooter.  I hear her holler 'Are ya comin?!!'... and see her whiz off at the speed of snail on HER scooter.  He jumps on his to follow & rams it into the corner not once but twice!!  Waving as he too speeds off!

The crazy part about all this.... He had his car keys on a lanyard around his neck. Did I mention that he had a pair of glasses that had only one lens in them?  And that lens was so dark I couldn't even see his eyeball!  Did I also fail to mention that he had a medical/hospital bracelet on his wrist?  Yeah.... and he's DRIVING!!!!  He smashed the scooter into the same corner of the wall twice!!!!  Just getting out of Subway!!  King Turd says that all retired people should be required to retake their road test every 4 years.  That would eliminate 'knuckle drivers' (you know, knuckle drivers, those little old people that have shrunk so much you only see their knuckles on the steering wheel & they drive looking through that & the dash!)

Ok.... so THAT was the 'crazy' in my day yesterday... weird.... Another day in the life....

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

PS.  I looked up that website - it's a person who changes photos to videos - something like you would watch at a wedding or funeral or graduation .... Oh, he also gave me his military rank.... Just in case... (in case of what?)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my "hoarders" post about my sons! I am so glad to know that I'm not the only mom out there who has hoarders for boys!


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