Monday, July 18, 2011

And the Countdown Continues

Thank you, Casey Kasem!!  Well, the living room is cleaned & decluttered.  The downstairs hallway is decluttered & partially clean (It's too hot & I've got too much to finish this week to clean the carpet - that will have to wait until next week).  Now I'm going to be working on the kitchen.  There is not too much to declutter in here I don't think.  But just a little more organizing would help... alot.   The thing that makes this look the worst is my desk - it's trashed.  I never did get to it last week,  so I really need to dig in & finish it this week.

The schedule I have in my mind is to work like a fiend & get the rest of the house decluttered.  About Wednesday, we'll set up the portable garage & start taking stuff out there... it has 4 sides so we can close it up.  I decided to save myself some time & just have a big poster board with prices on it & then have tables that will be priced all the same.  I figure people are generally pretty honest at garage sales.  I'm trying to remember the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Best get busy.  I'll let you know the progress I'm making...

BTW - today is the Lego King's 11th birthday?  Where does the time go?  My baby is all grown up!  It's sad, but exciting too...

What are you KISSing today?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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