Thursday, July 28, 2011

Durn Kids!

Bigfoot's car is dead.  Something about a blown head-gasket.  He & a friend were supposed to work on it... ohhh, about a month and a half ago!!  I remember (for once - why are you so surprised?) that I had just gotten done with school.  Anyhow, he's been having Nana-Next-Door (my mother & yes, she lives next door - but that's a whole 'nother story) and me take him back & forth to work.

His father offered to buy him a car to use while his was getting fixed (I know, I know.... you're as stunned as I am, after all these years he wants to be a stand-up kinda dad.... go figure).  Then when Bigfoot's was fixed, he'd resell the car.  We figured that we'd wait until Bigfoot was done with the car & then convince him NOT to sell it so that The Princess would have a vehicle.  (Just this past weekend he came to that conclusion on his own... again.... we're stunned)  So the ball is in my Ex's court - don't know if he's going to get a car or not or just blowing smoke up our butts.

So, back to the durn kids..... last night I went to pick up Bigfoot, he's a welder.  And he hops in the car with all of his safety stuff & a frozen soda bottle (filled with water) wrapped in a rag.  I said, 'Ok, what'd you do now?'  'Oh, I just burned my hand a little bit.'  'Really?  Let me see.'..... Well, my idea of 'a little bit' and his idea of 'a little bit' are vastly different.  About 50-60% of his palm was blistered.  Thank goodness for my Girl Scout First Aid Training.... He's all 'It'll be ok.'.... I'm all 'We need to get you to Urgent Care'.... so off we go to Urgent Care - 'cause Mama Rules the Roost....

They patched him up.  Gave him a prescription - of course at 9:30 at night - no pharmacy is open.... sheesh... So I have to run down & get his scrips (because he has no car)... then run him to work to fill out paperwork.... then run him to another Urgent Care in a nearby town.... they're connected to the doctors who do Worker's Comp and they don't have an appointment open today..... because it's in the same office & the same people, they can see him at the Urgent Care.... Go figure...

I guess I'll always be 'The Mama'... takin' care of those Durn Kids!!

Bye! Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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  1. That's because no one else will take care of them like you will. :)


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