Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trying NOT To Blow the House Up

You know those days when you'd kinda like to blow your house up?  Just to get rid of all of the debris that is in it?  King Turd says we should just tip it upside-down & shake everything out & then put back only the stuff we really want.  We have jokingly said to the neighbors & friends, if you see the house on fire, toss on a few more gallons of gas before you call the fire department!

But truth be told, I love my circa. 1830's farmhouse.  It is not plumb, it's drafty, it creaks & moans... BUT, it has character.  For instance, we found that the back half of the house was added on - with just beams butting up to beams (no wonder it sagged 13" below the rest of the house)... that at one time there must have been a fire in what is now our bedroom - there are partially charred floorboards when you look up in the cellar.... Or how about the hidden door in the ONLY closet upstairs - the one that hides a small windowless room - we think it was part of the Underground Railroad.  How cool is all that for character?

So, I guess, because I love my house - and King Turd lived through a devastating house fire where his family lost EVERYTHING when he was a teenager - I don't want to blow up the house.  Can you imagine?  No pictures, no first hand prints or drawings?  No wedding glasses?  No christening outfits?  No insurance cards, birth certificates, bank statements?  No grandmother's rings to pass on?  No nothing?  Everyday simple things would become a huge effort - no towels for a shower (no shower), no pen to write something down (nor paper to write on), no medicine.  No baking, no cooking, no playing games with my kids.  No crafting, no snuggling under a blanket & reading favorite books or watching movies.  Nope, I don't want to blow the house up.

So when the propane people came to get one of the 2 humongous tanks out of our yard they have to check for leaks in the line.  State law or something about not allowing houses to blow up - I think they're just lazy & don't want to help declutter & clean.  So this guy comes with this little hand held ticky thing that reminded me of an electronic metronome... it ticked faster when it detected a propane leak.... Guess what... Our oven was leaking.... mmmhhhmmmm, yep..... I AM NOT CRAZY.... every once in awhile I would smell propane & when we called the propane company & they came & checked & said, nope it's fine.... Well come to find out - it wasn't..... it was leaking.... some little magnetic valve thingy wasn't working.  Soooooo, this guy took BOTH the humongous tanks (because, you know, we can't be trusted that we won't turn the propane back on & blow up our house while they're gone) and we went & bought a new stove.  Our stove was 7 years old (and I looked up that the life of a modern propane stove is supposed to be about 15 years) but it would have cost more than 1/2 the price of a new stove to fix it.  King Turd decided it would just be easier to get a new stove & be safe.  Gotta love King Turd of Poop Mountain.

Despite the fact that it would reallllly make my life alot simpler if the house blew up, I opt for decluttering & cleaning & getting rid of stuff..... no easy way out for me.... *sigh*  How are you coming with your decluttering & cleaning?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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