Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Reply or Not To Reply

I've been thinking this over for a couple of weeks or more (I can't remember - I'm brilliant like that)... Should I reply to blog posts or not?  It's not like I have a ton of followers... I have 4 (Thank you faithful followers!!)... Which made me jump up and down & scream in my kitchen... King Turd of Poop Mountain thinks I'm nuts, but the Princess, grabbed my hands & jumped up & down with me.... She's my favorite child at the moment....

Anyhoot... back to my question.... it's not like I have a gazillion followers.  So do I reply to them?  Or just to some of them?  And what do you say?  Thanks for stopping by, your comment made my day? (Which, most likely, it did).

And what about those replies left by the other bloggers that I've left a comment on?  Do I reply back to them?  How long is the conversation supposed to last?

Am I rude not replying?  Should I go back to the beginning & say 'Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for posting.'?  Or should I just start replying?  Or should I NOT reply?  Does that make me stuck up?  Does it make those other people who leave comments think like me & say 'Hmmm, I wonder if she ever got that comment?  Maybe she didn't like that comment & didn't post it.'

What is common blog comment/reply courtesy?  Help!!

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

PS.  Decluttered lots today in the kitchen:  Tops of cupboards, Upper cupboards, and all of the drawers - including the junk drawer.... which I took pictures of, but still can't figure out how to load them.... lol


  1. As one of "the 4", I probably would not know if you ever replied to my comments. And then I would wonder if I should reply back... But, I feel just like you, and jump up and down every time I get a new follower. And comments make my day too! I have laid in bed worrying over a post, determined to delete it in the morning, and then someone comments...

  2. Ha, ha, ha! Ok, good. At least I'm not the only one.

    Sometimes I comment & then forget who I commented to & have to go back & check the blog to remember. CRS Disease (Can't Remember Shit Disease).

    BTW - you don't have to reply back...

  3. I have a couple blog friends that write back in their own comments section and I usually don't see what they've written or remember to go back. Another person is awesome about writing me through the e-mail address provided if she wants to respond specifically. I think unless there's a big question or need, you should just leave things as-is!

    Found you through a link of Slob Comes Clean.... love the ducks! Cute!


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