Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Race Is On

Well, the race is on.  No, no, not NASCAR - bleck!  I'd much rather watch Formula 1.  But I do recall watching hours & hours of NASCAR when I was a kid.... anyhow.... off track (pun intended)....

King Turd of Poop Mountain and The Lego King came home Friday morning & plopped Birthday Invitations down on the table.... mmmhhhmmm, yup.... And THEN decided they would ask if The Lego King could have a Birthday Party.... seems they had made plans on the way to & from town.... It's scheduled for the 23rd.... two weeks away.  I get to plan & carry it out though... woo hoo... lucky me!!

Guess what else is scheduled for the 23rd?  The neighborhood garage sales.... oh yeah... you know the ones, where you get tons & tons of people going by?  And you've got tons & tons of crap stuff to foist off on sell to some unsuspecting fool frugal bargain hunter.  I've decided that I'm going to have a garage sale that day too.  I know.... I'm nuts.  The thing is, is that most of the people come early in the morning & it's pretty much done & over with by noon or so.  His party is from 1-4...

In the meantime, I have to finish decluttering the hallway, our bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, help the Lego King declutter his room, I'd like to get things out of the storage closet in his room, The Princess will be decluttering her own room AND don't forget the stuff in the shed out back.  ALL done by the 23rd of this month.... I. AM. NUTS. 

The good thing about doing a garage sale this soon, instead of waiting until August (like I wanted to), is that it will kick me in the butt to really get things done.  I'm one of those people who likes to save things (King Turd is too, if truth be told - but ya didn't hear that from me) - because for years, during my 1st marriage, I never knew if I would be able to afford to replace something.   I did better the 2nd time around.  I have to say this about King Turd of Poop Mountain:  He. Is. Awesome.  He spoils me.  I have never wanted for anything.  Have I had to wait for stuff?  Sometimes, but if it was something that I wanted or needed (within reason) he would get it for me. 

He's also pretty awesome about getting rid of stuff.  He has given me permission (not that I needed it, but it's nice to know that he's on-board with me) to get rid of stuff we don't need or use or that we've outgrown as individuals or a family.  I worried before that I might get rid of something that we'd need or he be upset if I got rid of something and wasn't 'frugal enough'.  You know what?  He's not.  He says 'If we don't need it, get rid of it!'  The only thing I DON'T do is get rid of HIS stuff.  I get rid of mine & the household stuff and the kids stuff... He needs to make decisions on HIS stuff... not me...

We talked about this enormous pile that we have in the shed & the start of the enormous pile here in the house -  Should we even bother having a garage sale?  Should we just get rid of it?  He said we should try & sell what we can - THEN get rid of what we can't sell.  Smarty pants, why didn't I think of that?  Oh yeah, I was just thinking of ALL the work I'd have to do to get ready for it!!.... Anyhoot from then on after that - we can get rid of as we go along.  I don't/won't have to collect stuff or do another garage sale - ever again!!  YEAH!

Are you getting rid of your stuff?  Or are you throwing a Birthday Party?  Or are you NUTS, like me, and doing both on the same day?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!


  1. Why, yes. Yes, I am. Just the party bit, though. I'd have to be nuts to try and do a yard sale on the same day! But I am crazy enough to invite 20+ relatives for a patio party in 100* heat, with 5 or 6 10-year old boys staying over for a "slumber party". (Which I'm not allowed to call it - that's for girls, you know. Yuck.)

  2. Hahahahhaha, Ok... so I guess I'm not all THAT crazy! I didn't think to invite ALL of them to an 'overnight'.... I haven't even told him that I have thought about letting him have 1 boy stay over... I might be toast by the time they're all gone.... lol

  3. Hope your birthday party/garage sale day goes well, you sure are brave! ;) I love getting rid of things and simplifying, it's nice to feel a bit more organized and clutter free.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a sweet comment!


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