Friday, July 8, 2011

REAL Adventures in Duckville

Every blue moon once in awhile I do something crazy.  I know, right?  Like the time in college when I took a shortcut and I drove across the sidewalk.  Much to my shrieking friends delight (AND yes, K & C, you MUST admit you WERE delighted!!).

This adventure was by accident.... HONEST!!!!  Remember how I told you a week or so ago that Bigfoot's car had broken down & I had turned into 'Mom's Taxi Service'?  And remember how I've been working my butt off to declutter & I had 'Three Bags Full' of stuff to get rid of?

One of those nights, Bigfoot's day ran late, so it was getting dusky out by the time he was done.  I had the 'Three Bags Full' in the back of the car & wanted to drop them off.  But I didn't want to drop them off at the Salvation Army in town.  I know, I know - I'd rather have it go someplace else - to some Salvation Army/Goodwill in some other town instead of my own.  I don't mind donating it, but what if it's something that someone gave me & they stopped at the store & saw it & thought 'Isn't that funny?  I gave The Queen of Duckville a such-n-such JUST like this!'  And what if, the next time they saw me they said 'Hey, you'll never guess what I saw in the store!!  A such-n-such JUST like what I gave you!!!  How is that such-n-such workin' out for ya?'.... Or worse yet.... What if they BUY it for me (again) so I'll have a matched set?  Aaaack!!!  It's too much pressure.... Anyhoot... where was I?  Oh yeah.... pickin' up Bigfoot & droppin' off 'Three Bags Full'....

So I tell Bigfoot that we're going to go to this little church up the road that has one of those yellow Clothing Drop-Off boxes.  It's not really out of the way - just a different route home.  We pull in - at dusk remember - and the driveway 'Y's' in the front of the church.  Now mind you, I've never been there before, I've only seen it from afar and there isn't a soul around.... Bigfoot says 'Go this way (pointing right).'  I say 'Are you sure the driveway goes all the way around?'  'Yeah'..... So we drive along this narrow gravel driveway towards the back of the church - with no place to turn around - up a slight hill - in the dusky-dark - to a place I've never been before - with no outside light other than the headlights of the car... Then we turn left at the back of the church (because the donation box was to the back of the church) and ..... are you ready for this?..... WE BAJA ACROSS THE CHURCH LAWN.... down the hill to the front of the donation box.... The. Driveway. Did. NOT. Go. Around!!  Holy Chit!!!

Oh my, did we laugh our butts off..... Thank God no one saw us.... well... except maybe God.... and I'm hopin' He'll forgive us for our adventures....'cause none of us are perfect..... we're just ducky!

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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