Friday, July 22, 2011

Arrrggghh Matey! Please Stand By....

May I have your attention please?  Would you please stand by?  The Garage Sale, has been postponed in favor of a Blow Out Birthday Party.

Ok.... is WaaahhhhHOOOOO!!!! to much?  Do you think I should have shouted said it like this:  WaaahhhhHOOOOO!!!!?  I really DO want to have a Garage Sale (since King Turd thought that would be the best route with all the crap stuff we had boxed up), but with the heat - broke the record for the area yesterday - Good Gawd!  Was it HOT!! - and the high winds, it would have blown the portable garage right down the road.  So it will be in August like we had originally planned.  That will help getting everything around & done.  Which makes it so I don't spaz.... 'Cause I'm a planner.

I'm a BIG procrastinator planner.  Everything has to be just so.  I've always been this way, so it's easier to work with my personality if ya just let me plan stuff & YOU do what I say - I never have a problem with anyone if they do that... lol

We'll be having a whoppin', big 11th Birthday Party for the Lego King.  As whoppin' and as big as he's probably ever gonna get.  Here's the plan:

Pirate Theme Birthday Party:

Guests arrive & make their own pirate necklaces.  We have tons of pony beads that the kids used when they were into making Beadie-Buddies.  And we bought pirate compasses as the main piece on the necklace.  They'll be threading those onto shoe laces that I picked up at $1 store.  That way I won't have to tape the ends of the yarn.

We'll then have a Treasure Hunt.  Each guest will be given  a Treasure Map with Pirate 'X's' on them.  At each location will be some 'pirate booty'.  They'll each have a little cardboard pirate chest to put their booty in. Pirate eye patch, ear ring, skeleton, spy glass, etc.

Then we'll be making Pirate Hooks.  We'll take those big red plastic cups & a bendy straw (that we'll cover with foil) and we'll poke it through the end of the cup.  Then we'll play a game where they will have 60 seconds to hook as many pretzels as they can.  That will be their first snack.

Then we'll have a water balloon fight - pirate boat against pirate boat - don't know quite how I'm gonna do that yet.

Then the next thing is to make swords - they'll take that round foam pipe insulation (kind of like those pool noodles only skinnier) & using a piece of fun foam make a hand guard.  Then we'll play a game called Walk the plank.... where they have a sword fight and the first one to step off flat boards on the ground loses.  

Then cake & ice cream & presents.

The winners of the games will get to pick a prize out of our 'Prize Box'.  When the Lego King was struggling in school we set up a reward system (stuff from garage sales, the $1 store, etc).  He had a behavior plan & if he accomplished this or that, he'd receive a prize from the Prize Box.... That's no longer in place, but we have tons of prizes left - what better way to get rid of them than to share?

That's our Pirate Party/Garage Sale Free Weekend.  What are you doing for fun?

Bye!  Love you!  Have a good day, Dear!

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